advise on maternity pay.

please can anyone help me?? im coming to the end of my 26 wks smp, but im going to have to hand my notice in as im moving to a different are. i have a friend who had a baby same time as me and she is also thinking of leaving her job(diff reason) but she keeps saying she will have to pay back her maternity pay???? this cant be right? can it? is this just something specific to her employer or is she talking poo!


  • in my job you have to do eleven weeks before you can leave because you have to pay back your maternity otherwise.I think that is the law though but look into it.
  • i thought that if ya was jusy getting smp u dont have to pay it back cos they dont really pay ya that any way they claim the money they give u back from the goverment?? cos ya can get smp from job center to carnt ya?? and ya dont have to pay that back??
  • no you dont have to pay it back, i looked into it before and because its not paid by the company you will not lose it.
  • Hi,
    Even if you get more than just smp it all depends on the Company policy. The last place I worked they had a fab maternity policy and you didn't have to pay anything back, infact they had an incentive for you to return you got an extra months salary after you had been back for one month!!

    If in doubt ask them for a copy of their maternity policy which they should really have given you or talked you through before you went on maternity.

    Take care xx
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