I am expecting a baby girl in 2 days time i am going to call her Aimee, but i need a middle name, any suggestions.


  • Is there anyone in your family you would like to name her after? My OH's nan is called Iris which I think is cute for a baby girl.

    How about Fae, Faith, Hope, Charlotte, Beth....

    I would personally steer clear of the popular Grace and May/Mae if you want something different, as every girl born this year seems to have one of those as a middle name!
  • aimee leona or leoni
    aimee rose
    aimee alexa
    aimee brooke
  • if my lo was a girl we chose frances as a middle name,
    its mil name and thought it was a pretty name. xx
  • what do u think about rose?
    i like that name ,we dont know what we having so we picked a boy and a girl name.the only problem we got is the middle name for the girl.we want to call the baby if its a girl hayley but not sure on middle name.any ideas plz help me!!

    eve xxx
  • wat about hayley jade, or sophia. xx
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