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Did you change your name on NI card after marriage?

Please help ladies

I went down to my local social security office today to change my name on national insurance card, after being told by someone on their office phone that they would do it for me.

Well the woman I spoke to was so patronising and said of course I didn't need to change it, if I registered my marriage then my name change would go through automatically. She actually laughed at me.

Please could you tell me what you ladies did with your national insurance cards after marriage before I end up having to go back down there and deal with that woman again.

Thank you!!!


  • I want to know the answer to this one too hun... I'm sure it said on the back of the card that if you change your name you should contact your local dss office... so not sure :S

    I hate grumpy women like that our doctors receptionist is just like that it gets on my (.)(.)!

  • Thanks for your reply MrsRaw!

    I know, i wouldn't have minded if she had been polite about it (well, I would have still been annoyed as I drove into the centre to find a parking space, paid for parking, and don't get me started on the queue...I had to sit in a queue behind 20 Jobseekers waiting for their interviews. Why they couldn't have a different counter set up for this I don't know)

    Anyway she was very patronising, and when I got home I phoned the office back to complain. Apparently I now have to go to another benefits office on the other side of the town where they will help me. God I hate those places!

    Will let you know how I get on!
  • This is off the HMRC website:

    Changes you can tell us about
    At the moment you can tell us by email if you have changed:

    your name - perhaps because you've got married or formed a civil partnership
    your address - or you'd like us to contact you at a different address

    And here's the link!

  • Hi,
    I've recently changed my name on my NI card. I went onto the HMRC website and filled out the form on there; within a week or so I got a letter saying they'd amended my details and were sending a new NI card out separately. I got my new NI card in the post yesterday.
  • I hadn't realised I needed to do this! Thanks Mrs White for the advise, I will do this today x
  • ps, it will only be a year late lol x
  • Hello, 

    I need to update my name on my NIN card, do you have a link to the form I need to complete? 

    Thank you!

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