my husband is the best he ...

told me yesterday he had got tickets to Bonjovi at O2 in london! He sat on the phone yesterday at 9am and got through, so we are going to see him in June (tour is now sold out, good old hubby!!) image image image image image image image


  • Bless him, what a superstar! How far gone will you be when you go and see them? I want to go and see Take That but they announced their tour dates the day after I found out I was pregnant. I've had to wait so long to find out my due date that they've all sold out and I refuse to pay ??100 each on eBay!! Plus, I will have given birth about a week or two before so not sure I'll feel up to it! Have a great time in June, scream at Jon for me!
    Trace xx
  • sadly im niot pregnant yet, but who knows by then
  • My sister bought tickets for BonJovi last year for christmas, one week later I found out I was pregnant and the concert was when I would have been 6 months. As they were standing tickets I couldn't go so I still haven't seen them! Lucky you, when is it?
  • June 24th I cant wait. I see him everytime he plays in England, he is amazing!!!! Last year i thought it would be the last time as i thought i would have been pg by now, but i guess on the up side i get to watch him again, got Mr C hooked too. :lol:
  • hi that was a really great thing getting tickets for you i just asked my hubby why he didnt do that for me for Take That,he had no answer but its lucky im not going as im due in oct so prob wouldnt want to leave baby.Have a great timeimage
  • ooohh lucky you i love jon bon jovi when i was 14 i had a life size poster of him on my wall mmm
  • lucky you, we couldnt get through! although i have been to see them loads, when i was younger we followed them when possible even went to ireland was fab. richie is just so lovely! im been to see them when pregnant.

    hope you have a fab time and let us know how it goes!!!
  • I also had a life size poster and a massive crush on him when i was younger. I used to play 'always' over and over again!
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