96 shopping days left.......anyone started???

So not long now!!! Soon comes around! Has anyone started their christmas shopping???

I have a few bits - I pick up bargains during the year - I have 4 sisters - 12,13,14 and 19 - they are my babies (until I get pg - but even then I was like their mum so they will always be spoilt by me!) Then my oh has 7 sibblings - big italian family! Then there's my parents and friends!!! So much to do so little time!

Also I like to make a lot of my gifts so I'll be starting those soon! Knit scraves, make jewellery, bags, christmas cards, photos and things I can send to family that are in spain and south of england and don't see us much! Plus it keeps the expense low and give me something to do in the evenings!

Christmas is just me and my oh - go out for lunch then veg for the rest of the day - thats for the past 5 years - maybe next year I'll have a lo and it will be abit different!

Anyone else starting plans - ideas for the day etc? Present ideas? Arguments over who's cooking? Any humbugs who dread the day? Any recipes for the best turkey stuffing?



  • ooooooooooh.... I love Christmas, it is definately my favorite holiday. I spend all of November happy and giggly waiting for December and then every day in December is absolutely lovely. I can't wait for all the shops to decorate and get out their christmas music. Ohhh, and all the lovely food. I wish we had more festive holidays.

    I have a box in my closet which I have been slowly filling all year with gifts. Like you I have a large family to buy for and if I buy early and hide things I never find them again. So, I put a big card board box labelled Presents and hopefully it means I will be able to keep to budget better. I still have loads to buy, but I love crafting things. I have bought loads of wool. I try to make a few knitted blankets every year and they seem to go over very well. I also am hoping to finish a quilt I'm making for my daughter. I took her hand and foot prints and transfered them to fabric. Cut them out and made a patch work quilt with her hand and foot prints, with an embriodered fairies and butterflies design in the middle. We are hoping to move her to a big girl bed before babe arrives in January, and I'm hoping the quilt might encourage her.

    Can wait to see all the delicious stuffing recipes.

  • hi,
    im a humbug lol i HATE the run up to christmas (although i do enjoy the day) It always costs a fortune for us and just when you think you've got all the shopping and your bank balance is making you cringe you realise you've forgotten so an so. I hate having decorations up because it makes the house look untidy (im a neat freak lol) and hate constantly having to tell the kids leave the tree anone, leave those baubles alone, no dont eat that polystyrene star.
    I actually enjoy the day though hectic as it is. I havent started shopping for christmas no but i have started saving for it!
    On the day we usually get up at like 5am with kids, open all gifts, kids spend some time playing with them whilst we get ready. I do most of the cooking (oh will help if asked) so i put the turkey in and cut up the veg. then we go round to mils house in the morning for a few hours and exchange gifts (luckily all oh family seem to congregate at mils xmas morn)
    we stay there a few hours before rushing like mad home because ive probably realised ive miscalculated how long to put turkey in for, cook all veg, oh carves turkey and prepare dinner. scoff dinner and mince pies and cream and long to sit down for a bit because so full feel sick. Theres no chance of sitting because then we all have to pile in car and drive to the other side of the city to see my family and exchange gifts.
    then we go home stressed out because by now kids are so knackered they are acting really naughty and cranky put them to bed and collapse on sofa with a nice glass of something alcoholic.
    My inlaws are going on holiday abroad over xmas (1 less place to visit this year lol) and i think they have got the right idea lol
  • I've started! and nearly finished!
    last year we ended up doing all the driving around, but this year is the first year with lo so we've told them firmly that they are all coming to us.
    means i now have to cook for about 14 people, but at least oh can have a drink and a rest! as he's a postie he only get xmas day and boxing day off, then new years day. thats it. bloody RM. hence why we've said no traveling! plus we have a car full if we go aywhere with lo, we wud never fit any presents in!

    has anyone else asked grandparents/family etc not to buy pressies but to give money for trust funds instead?
    as bubba is only 7 months old he wont know whats going on and we're only gonna get loads of stuff that we dont want anyway....

    and i want to buy him something myself - if i mention to MIL that im gonna get him 'blah' shes bought it the day after ive mentioned it. Useful, but oh so annoying!

    I love the xmas season, its all dark and cosy nights in, (hopefully) snow to throw at each other. it makes me feel all warm and cosy inside image
  • All I have bought are the cards. I buy them in the after Christmas sales every year, and keep them for next year. Haven't written them though - that would be far too organised! And if the baby arrives early (due 7th Jan), then I would have to open them all again and add 'and ____________' to the bottom!
  • i can't decide if i'm looking forward to xmas or not my sister assumed that we'd be coming down to our parents but we're on a mission driving from Inverness to Norfolk to oh's Dads so it'll be weird not being at home or with my family but only fair.
    Don't want to go over the top with pressies either as we can't afford it - will just get the things lo needs and a couple of nice pressies from us.
  • Ooooh good good!!!

    Abeasley - wow I thought I was mad - I too have a box!!! I oput presents in it through out the year then use it when it's birthdays or christmas! I also make cards - so I always have a few spare birthday and christmas cards!!!
    I too have been making a quilt - but this ones for me! I got a sewing machine for last christmas but never seem to get the time to finish what I started! I am hoping that with my 10 days off over christmas like last year I'll get back too it! I have also started a knitted blanket for me! But I have thought about using some wool from a left over from project for a knitted blanket for my friends little one! I can't believe that you are the same - I love it! My best friend moved to spain this year and I miss her terribly - so I have put together a dvd of pictures from this year of me and the family so she can see whats been happening and how my sisters have grown without feeling left out!!!

    Toni - the trick is to get a few bottle of wine, boxes of choc or smellies that can be put in the cupboard and wrap last minute!! It has always helped me to keep a few of those wine gift bags in that bottom drawer in the kitchen!

    It's great to hear all your stories - you all do so much rushing around! I guess me and my oh are selfish - we go out, no cooking , no hassle and no mess! I do have my younger sisters help me do the tree (the only decoration I have) then they come over on christmas eve and they make cakes and biscuits and we HAVE to watch the snowman whilst opening gift a recent tradition add to outr day! As for the rest of the family we see in between christmas and new year!

    This year though my sisters will be away for christmas so it won't be the same without them - little ones make christmas!

    Keep those stories coming - they're great!!!


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  • lol not started yet or saving really need to!! me and oh are both from divorced families so we have loads of extended family presents to buy for!!

    I love Xmas though, well I love september to christmas, the cold nights, the winter clothes, an excuse for a new wardrobe!! ha ha

    Saw all the xmas cards and crackers etc in MandS the other day and got very excited. I have a 10 yr old daughter from a previous relationship and she makes Xmas really - she gets very spoilt from all the grandparents she has accumulated! Can't wait to add another one to celebrate with. I alternate Xmas with her dad, hate it when its his turn
  • I'll be starting buying after payday next friday. Its usually later when I start but as baby is due 28 December I want them all bought and wrapped by end of November - plus hubby has a week off at teh end of november so he can go get anything then that we havne't sorted.

    I'm going to start making a list cause pregnancy brain is making me forgetful and i'd hate to forget someone! People keep whining when I ask what they want cause 'its too early' but I just tell them that if they don't tell me they dont get anything cause I'm not planning on shopping at 9 months pregnant!! My brother is used to us going shopping together for each others presents on about 23 December so he's in for a shock this year!!

    Kinda hoping baby comes early cause I'm impatient for our first christmas as a family of 3, although if he stays put it might be better cause my mother will never shut up about how we should go there for christmas... haven't yet told parents we plan on having christmas day as our family day and not going anywhere!!!
  • wow so glad everyone likes christmas too! i love it, last year was so excited because on Christmas day we had been in our very own first home 12 days! we had a real tree decorated beautifully - my sister's housewarming gift was xmas decs! surrounded by boxes with tv and a sofa and a table to eat our xmas dinner off. it was great! this year lo will be nine months old and i am going to get a huge box and fill it with bunched up paper and balloons for him to open!
    i have started my shopping, we went on holiday to edinburgh and i started buying pressies there. got two lovely wool scarves for a tenner! all sorts of lovely stuff. do you buy presents with people in mind or buy things then assign them to people?
  • The Boots shop near where I work always does an offer evening in November - I think its 10% off everything, so I tend to start my shopping then. I go in beforehand and have a good look and make a list of what I want, and then buy on the night. There is always so much stuff there that seems to be suitable either as a main present or small additional present for friends or family - electricals, camera and accessories, stationery, toiletries, top branded cosmetics and perfumes, baby toys and clothes etc. I always buy my wrapping paper and tags and stuff (I have already bought cards in the half price sale after Christmas last year). The 3 for 2 offers at the time make it even better value!

    Last year, I bought 6 sets of Sanctuary bath products that were 3 for the price of 2, with an additional 10% off, and of course I get points too. I knew that they 'would come for someone', whether that was Christmas or birthdays or thank you presents or whatever.

    I love Boots!!

    And then I come home and wrap them up all pretty and I feel really excited about Christmas!!
  • Im so not an organised person but love xmas will be doing shopping when I break up for mat leave in nov but already wishing the tree and decs down and there not up yet cause due 16th of jan and I cant wait so will be wishing christmas away this year
  • Hey girlies,

    This is all good to hear! I have now bought a few more gifts! And since yesterday whilst I was searching for some christening gifts I came across a few weird and wonderful ideas! I think I might try and do my shopping mainly online this year! I will decided what I need and then order it all in November I think!

    Although just because I am organised does not mean I don't run around last minute - I end up thinking of something we need or my oh has forgotten to tell me about something he wants to buy someone! I am hoping for a fairly organised fairly destressed christmas this year! Fingers crossed it's the last one before I'm a mummy! (well bit of a long shot but one can always hope!)

    I need to make a list of who and what to get! I couldn't sleep last night as I had a few ideas running around in my head!


  • Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! image lol

    Stephe that is beyond organised! How on earth dpo you do it all?? I haven't got anything yet but have plans what to buy a few people. I aren't usually ba humbug but after the wedding and moving house this year we don't have as much spare cash as usual so bit nervous that the pressies won't be as good as what we usually get. My sisters kids get everything under the sun so theres never anything decent left that we could get them. Apart from the present buying. I like making Christmas cards and the wfrapping part is always good. Love love love going to get the tree with Mr Jules and decorating it. We buy little decorations whenever we go somewhere different or meaningful so we have some that were bought the day we got engaged in York where I used to go to uni. Some from the venue where we were married. A few from when he was growing up from his mum and I have a fave one from the xmas tree when I was little. We do Christmas stockings too and I wrap a decoration up in hubbys so there is a new one evry yar. It's nice getting them all out to hang and remembering where and when they were bought.

    Adore doing Christmas dinner too. Not sure what we're dong this year. I would like to have our first married Christmas in our new home together but his brother has said yet again that he isn't going to see their mum this year or having her at theirs so looks like either we'll be going there or she'll come here. She lives by herself and although she has lots of friends, it's not the same as family is it? Don't mind but it'd be nice if his bro could be a bit more thoughtful and visit his mum at Christmas or have her at his families house at least once.

    Woah, sorry! That turned into a total rant didn't it :lol: xx
  • Thats Great Mrs Jules! I do Christmas Stockings too - well my oh gets a great big sack! He pretends he hates it but he loves it! Move of his stocking fillers are things he needs - like toiletres and stuff - but still it gives him loads to open! My sisters and my closest friends get the same - stocking or gift bags - with lots of sweets and chocs - which the girls love because I wrap up everything indiviually and they call me crazy - but they have said that "it's law to come to your house and have lots of gifts of christmas eve!" so thats good! But they also get, chocolate coins, nuts and oranges thrown in there too! And candy canes if I get some!
    I like to treat them all so they have a mini christmas in each gift bag/stocking! So I guess thats why it takes soooo long!
    As they get older I think they are supposed to get less - but they seem to get more spoilt as the years go on!!!
    I do feel for you all who have to decide who goes where on the day! I am so grateful my oh takes me out! lol!

  • Mummywannabe

    Christmas sounds great at your house... I have just started to think about christmas and i thought I was organised... We are in the process of moving house at the moment fingers crossed we can move before christmas.

  • Thanks Annette! I love buying gifts for people! I love having my sisters over! I can't wait to get pg - so I have an extra little one to buy for!!!!
    I hope you can get moved and settled before christmas!!!
    I need to buy more gifts - I like to have bare minimum left to do by December it gets far to busy in the shops!!!! I might take a couple of days off in november and then go out shopping for the day!!! XXXX
  • thats a great idea to buy tree decos in meaningful places it will make them more special.we got a babys first xmas one last year as a gift, she only just made it!! ive just got a few bits. its gonna have to be a cheap xmas this year!
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