flying with 10month old

hiya everyone im taking my little one to oz next year to see family he wil be ten months when we go .has anyone got any advice or tips for packing and coping with the flight . im panicking already .hope your having a gd day


  • hi i am just about to book our flights to oz for next year too as my dad lives there and my daughter will be about 13 months when we go. I think as long as we "plan for success" take plenty of sterilised bottles etc and you can get the ready made formula in cartons etc we will manage. There is always a boots around in an airport with stuff to by even one use bottles if desparate. Hopefully your little one will sleep 12 hours of it if they sleep well normally and some toys. I've been assured that the flight staff often take to the babies and come along and keep them amused! Dont now how true that will be. Anyway we have to go or we would never go anywhere. We are off to portugal in oct when she is 6 months so that will be a test run. Dont forget all factor 50sunblock in oz and keep out of the sun, not worth having a burnt baby on holiday i have also bought one of those sun tent things as well to use in garden at home this summer and take away on hols too. Have a good one take care, Hannah
  • thanks for your husband thinks im being paranoid. let me know how you get on in portugal. take care x
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