Hey claire, hope your well and baby ellie.

Me and baby theo are fine, i e-mailed you back earlier, only just had chance to get on here, my computer was playin up this weekend, piece of crap.
I love your wedding dress by the way, i wanna get married soon, since i saw your pictures i have txt owain loads saying i wanna marry him asap!! He thinks im weirdly obsessed now. Lots of love Sophia&Theo x x x
P.s hope your feeing better now, last time we spoke you thought you broke your pelvis! x


  • Hi Soph, I missed u this weekend!! Thought you'd gone and left me!! hehe! only joking, glad u like my wedding pics, i love them too!! i'd do it all again in a second. i hope i get invited to yours now, tee hee hee! I'm ok it's the SPD not a broken pelvis....i turned over in bed and heard an almighty CRACK followed by agonising pain and spent the wee hours of the mrning crying cos i'm too scared to take the painkillers that the doc gave me. anyhoo, i am now taking them as there's nothing else i can do! glad you and baby theo are ok, speak to u again soon xx claire & baby ellie xx
  • Hey Claire&Baby Ellie. I am already starting to plan my wedding, everyone is invited!!!!! I have saw a dress i want its white, vera wang. If i go for that dress my dad will have to buy it cause he got my sister one aswell. He is dreading my weding bill, but i dont want that much, the main expense is the dress. I just want to marry Owain, thats the most important thing, id give up all the dresses in the world for him! That spd you have sounds awful, i dont know how you can cope. . i am on iron tablets and i dont like taking them cause my pharmacist gave me the wrong tablets but in the right packaging before! I had mumps last year and was meant to have antibiotics for 14days, 3weeks later it was worse, eventually found out the pharmacist gave me the wrong tablets!! Its not difficult to put tablets in a bottle is it really?? I so love your dress, its lovely, like a fairy tale dress. I have been to have my extensions out today, i was so sad they cost ??800 and only had them in 2 months but its too much hard work, my own hair is long anyway. That was random wasn't it?! Anyway, im going. Love the wedding pictures, love the dress, its all fab! Lots of love Sophia&Baby Theo x x x
  • ??800 for hair extensions?!?! is that how much they cost?!?! And you've had them taken out!! OMG pick me up off the floor, I can't believe how much those things it hair from Royalty they put in there? haha! good grief woman, ??800 is a bomb I begrudge paying ??39 for a cut and blo-dry but it's gotta be done! oh well....if i was rich i wouldn't mind so much....changing the subject here, i love any of vera wang's wedding dresses they're all soo beautiful and elegant, you'll look gorgeous!!! Weddings are expensive but worth every penny! I read somewhere that the average wedding is around ??17,000 but mine was around ??9,500 you're right though the dress takes up most of the budget!! We paid for everything ourselves though as it was my 2nd wedding so i thought it was only fair!!! (had a shotgun wedding when i was 18 and preg with Ashlea) I wanna do it all again now!!!!
  • Weddings are so expensive, yeah i cant have polyester or nylon hair extensions can i?? I have real hair, but lots of them its scandanavian hair. You can get cheaper ones but i fell in love with them, they are easy to put in, my sister does it for me as she is a hairdresser at toni&guy so i can trust her! My dad paid for mine to be done anyway i cant afford them myself!! I have seen the dress i want its divine i cant wait to go for a fitting, there is also really nice maggie sottero dress which is a lot cheaper but its my wedding so ill pick whichever i want! Renew your wedding vows, my mom and dad did that last year it was such a nice day. x
  • oh my god,sophia i can not get over how much u paid for your hair extensions. i have only just got on here and that was the first thing i see. i do hair extension and will only use real hair and only charge from 150pounds.y didnt your sis do it for free? i only ever pay for the hair and glue and my friend does it for me and it can last up 2 6 months. i do advise pregnant women not to have them, and i miss mine so much. feel so much better with really long hair. sonia.x
  • My sister put them in, but the hair cost just under ??800 cause i dont get them from the warehouse my sister goes to, i have them imported they have to be extra special. Mine will last a long time but i only ever keep them in 3/4 months max, then want a different style.
  • I would renew my wedding vows but we only got married last April so not even a whole year yet!! We'll probably do that, though, but probably on our 10th anniversary!
  • No, you can do it way before then, like Jordan and Peter, they renewed theirs like a week after! (exagerrating) i think about a year. Ooh you can go to St.Lucia on a Sandals holiday and renew them there, how nice would that be??
  • St. Lucia sounds nice....thats a lovely idea. Maybe after Ellie arrives we could all go together. Oooh I think I'll go and see what Micheal thinks of the idea! xx
  • Let me know what he says! We can all go to my parents house in Monaco. . nice, and free!! x x u ok?
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