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Claire21 i need your advice. . .

Hey Claire. . I need advice on a few things. I feel as though i'm the worst person in the whole world. Owain called today all the way from Iraq and all i did was be nasty to him and say that i need him here, i made him feel really bad about being there. Its not like he chose to go. . .! Now i feel like a right bitch im never like this but lately things with uni, baby, and work are all to much and i wish he was here. I totally handled the situation wrong and i was shouting at him (which i never do to anyone). I really hate myself now and feel like a right bitch. I am not myself lately i have turned into a snappy, irritable moaning cow and i feel awful for shouting at him for no reason. Just wish he was here. . i dont know what to do now he will probably hate me! Also i feel AWFUL for saying this but im scared once baby Theo comes things will change for me and owain, or he wont find me attractive. Am i going insane?! Sophia x x x


  • yes you are, and if I were any nearer I would give you a slap. He will understand why you've been a little bit of a nutter, and anyone would be the same. Don't beat yourself up over it, I would be impossible if i didn't have Pete to support me, even though I have lots of friends a great family and all of you on here, and without sounding patronising you are very young to be coping with what you are, so he will understand how your feeling. Try not to worry honey, he won't love you any less for being a little bit of a physco. Just say it was my bad influence, all that talk of husband murdering. And listen, if you are 30 weeks and still in size 8 maternity clothes - you've got nothing to worry about, if anything he'll love you more when you have baby theo, Lots of love you nutcase, Claire xxxxx p.s sorry I didn't reply before I've only just read it xxxx
  • Forgot to say that I am flattered you wanted my advice love, some of my posts on here have made me seem off my rocker - chin up lovey xxx
  • Hi Claire, thanks for reply. I feel like i'm turning into another person! I think my age has lots to do with it like you say aswell cause it's all come at once & i have been fine up until 2days ago and since then i have just freaked out. I feel really bad 4 shouting at him though image I think your husband killing topic influenced me!!! So glad your scan went o.k today bet your even more excited now! Has your husband seen scan photo now? Lots of love Sophia & baby Theo x x x
  • P.s yes some of them have sounded bizarre and a few times you have scared me!! x x x
  • Hi Sophia, your right it's hard emotionally being pregnant, then you've got the added worry of no only being on your own but Owain being away so far - of course you can rant every now and again, I'm sure he will understand. Not the same I know, but I have had some awful family problems in the past that only my husband knows about, not even my closest friends and I seem to cope with everything just fine and then suddenly I go to pieces, and I know I wouldn't of got through those times had it not been for Pete (feel a bit bad about all the bitching I do now) Try to relax and concentrate on all the nice things that are going to happen to you, and I promise not to corrupt you anymore. Re the scan, can't stop talking and thinking about it. I sent Pete a picture whilst he was working, and needless to say it was the wrong way up - How can you do that, it (to me) is so bloody obvious what end is what. He said to me - what is the fish looking thing, under the shiny horseshoe? No, I had no idea what he was talking about either, xxxxxxx
  • Fish under the shiny shoehorse?! That's possibly the most random sentence ever! I'll be ok i just stay positive all the time then all of a sudden something little will start me off bitching or crying. Who went to your scan with you? Owain came to my 12wk but my mom came to my 20wk as he was away. Guess what i did?! Missed the last sex inspectors, was last one in series i think weds night. . ahh its terrible. You can start buying baby things now!! x x x x
  • I know - and you thought I was bad. I went to the scan on my own, Pete had to work. I was quite glad to be honest as I could feel myself getting in a state (did another test last night just to make I was actually still pregnant) He will definatley come to the 20 week one, which is on the 30th April. I watched a sex inspectors earlier that I had recorded I think from tuesday - it was a porky girl and a slim weedy looking bloke, can't remember there names - Jesus it was a bit graphic. If I wanted to see a big arse wobbling around I'd look in the mirror thanks. Got one more to watch. Got a busy weekend so will hit the shops next week - arh, so excited. Hope you feeling a bit happier now, xxxx
  • Yeah that was tuesdays, it was a bit full on i couldnt believe it! I was looking away for half of it, i was trying to eat. Ah nxt scan is soon then not too far away, god theo will be nearly out by then hes due may 2nd. Yeah i feel better now thanks sweetie. I bet it's like a comedy show between you and your husband! Cant believe u did another scan, what u like?! What you going to buy 1st, i got pushchair and some plain body/sleepsuits. Wait til ur 20wk scan, if you find out sex you will not stop buying. Thats what i did anyway!! x x x x baby theo is kicking like mad now
  • yes, really looking forward to finding out what it is - everyone is putting me off, but I think we will anyway. I was obsessed last night that I was having a phantom pregnancy - I swear i started to think I had imagined the whole thing. I'm off to have my tea now, but if you want to rant another time or let off some steam you can email me at home if you want. I'm not working so always around to listen it's [email protected] bye for now xxxx
  • O.k mine is [email protected] enjoy your food. Don't forget ugly betty on tonight if you watch it? Im addicted! Speak soon x x x at least now you know baby is defo there x x x
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