Bounty Packs

Can anyone explain what these are and how I get them? Does it mean I'll get lots of junk mail?


  • it means lots of samples. some are really good

    go on
    i think thats it
    and register
  • I could just eat a pack of bountys
  • if you are pregnant you will get them in hospital and then you will get another when your baby is 4 months.if not email them and ask.they are really good with quite a lot of freebies lol
  • Midwife gave me all sorts of stuff at my booking in appt including a form to fill in for bounty and you can pick up the first pack at asda or boots. if you pick it up at asda there is a ??5 voucher in there for baby george clothes. The sample of yoghurt covered strawberry bits was yum image
  • i thought u meant the chocolate bounty!!!!i was like oooh wats this then.....wat a div!
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