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stop cryin

does anyone know anythin that will calm me down to stop cryin so i can breathe properly. cause the only way i can think of no one understands


  • whats up hun why are u crying? an wot is the way u can think of that no one understands?
  • im gonna get kicked out of college because i dont understand any of the assignments but everyone thinks im just not tryin. the only thing thats ever stopped me cryin this much is cuttin myself
  • jaynie i dont think u shud do this i cant personally understand this but i do av a friend who has done this also im sure u r really upset about this but there is alot worse things to be upset about i think u may have alot of anger also when i feel like this i punch something like my settee or something that is soft so u can get ur aggression out try this it works for me if u do tend to cut urself then i think u need to speak with ur gp coz this isnt goin to hlp u at all hun x
  • i think i have some problems tho. once i got so stressed that i missed something on tv i stabbed a hole in my dads gfs sofa
  • Hey although i havent personally been thru what you have some1 v close to me is. they are trying holding on to ice cubes instead of cutting, if you squease one in your hand it can hurt and give same release but not do any damage. re college is there a student support section that you can speak to?? big cyber hug xx
  • hey thanks for the hug. i tried talkin to the lecturers at college and they just moan about my attendance and ignore everything else i say. someone told me about that ice cube thing before but ive never tried it. maybe i should try that at work instead of nearly cryin all the time and wantin to break all the glasses!
  • lectures are meant to be helpful, it pisses me off when they fobb you off and dont listen. Have you spoken to your m/w about it? they can offer some professional help and support and mite be able to write a letter to your college? are you in your final year at college? xx
  • Hi Jaynie88. I feel the same about the work load, im totally behind on all my uni work and its stressin me out on top of other things, but just think of your beautiful baby growing inside you and try be strong. Take some time off college, im taking a year out of uni, how about seeing the college counsellor they should have one. Here if you need to chat, take care sweetie. Sophia x x x
  • no i only started in september. i probably wont get into the 2nd year which means its been a waste of time and money when i could be doin more hours at work. my tutor doesnt seem to like the fact im pregnant. a girl in my class had 5 weeks off because she had an abortion and everyones lovely to her.. i take a day off for my first scan and a few days off because i literally cant stop throwin up and im gonna get kicked off the course. i've gotta see the midwife again on the 9th march. when she came round to ask me all those questions she asked if i had ever hurt myself on purpose. so she knows i have done before. so i'll just tell her i cant stand that bloody woman at college and she makes me wanna do it again.
  • If you really feel that bad, id just leave college. you can carry on another time with it, maybe at a different college? This woman sounds like a rite bitch, nobody should make you feel like this. Its not right. . speak to your midwife see what she says, but please dont feel as though your alone cause there are so many nice people here and lots of support for u sweetie x
  • I agree with Sophia, college is def not worth it if its causing you so much grief. could you suspend your studies? I had a m/c when i was at uni and suspended my studies for 6 months as i just cldnt face it. it didnt cost me any more but it gave me time to sort myself out, your m/w shd be able to support you if college gets funny. i'm pleased that you have told your m/w talking about it is def the way towards sorting it all out. re the crying its prob worse coz of pregnancy. ive been really tearful about really stupid things so its understandable that you are so tearful about a proper thing xx
  • if i could afford to do it again i would have quit already but i couldnt afford it in the first place. my nan n grandad paid for everything for my 18th birthday. if i do it again next year i'll be over 19 so they will charge another like ??500 registration fees or something. my mum was shoutin at me because i said i dont know if i want to do hairdressin. i know theres only like 6 weeks or something til easter but i get stressed just goin. but i either do it now or i dont do it at all

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  • Igore that silly woman at college, she is obviously just a big horrible bitch! Really speak to your gp or midwife or college counsellor they are usually great. Please please just think before you do anything sweet, cause in the long run it wont help. Keep strong for you and your baby, end of the day you can go back to college anyday cant u? Its not worth putting your health at risk for x x
  • Sweetie i really dont know what to suggest then. I really feel for you. School fees are ridiculous my fees are ott. Are you feeling ok now or the same? x x x
  • im tryin to find something to write on this assignment. but this book you get from college is complete rubbish.. its a book on hairdressing and according to page 246 "red plus yellow makes blue".. you see i always thought red plus yellow was orange. but obviously i was wrong
  • oh my god i have no idea what that means!! Im only good with numbers not much else! How old ru? when is baby due? sorry sweet i like asking questions. . cant u get extra tutoring or a friend who is on same course to help? x
  • im 18 its due 17th june (4 or 5 weeks before end of college year) everyone else doin hairdressing all seem to be selfish bitches. or really immature and just irritating. i actually had a dream where i beat up one of the girls in my class and i woke up laughin.. anywho. im not crazy. there really doesnt seem to be anyone at college to help. i try telling them i dont understand and its because my attendance
  • ill write to you in a bit ok jaynie88? stay on here ill be back in like 45 mins x x x
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