Earth Tremor!! Did You Feel It?


I was woken up by house shaking and bed moving! about 1am and lasted approx 10 seconds they reckon!
5.3 on rictor scale they are saying on Sky News.App it started in Market Raisen in Lincolnshire.
I live in Derbyshire and it was pretty bad.

What did everyone else experience? :?

Clarins xx


  • yeh omg im in lincs and it scared the sh*t out of me!
    ryan slept through and oh went out to be nosey at the damages down the street!
    scary! who comes to check everyone is ok when things like this happen??!!
  • omg! i live in Doncaster southyorks n it woke me up!
    i dint no wot the hell was going on i av neverfelt a earth quake b4, n never want to again!!
    my bed was shaking like mad n bedroom door n wardrobe was ratteling like mad. It took me ages to get to sleep after that! Both girls slept through it tho typical!! lol
    Doesnt look like no damage done tho, hope every1 else is ok.
    Adele xxx

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  • Hi Clarins, I live in Derbyshire too, yes it woke us up too, was very scary, whole house was shaking, thought someone was doing something to house, gotta go out and check it's all ok, it's quite old and I just have visions of massive cracks in it now!! eek!

    Em x
  • hi, im from derbyshire, and it woke me up, my wardrobes was really shaking. our cat was going wild.bless.
    it scared me haha xxx
  • We live just east of Leeds and it woke me and oh up. We thought it was the wind to start with untill we realised the whole house was moving! It took me ages to get back to sleep as I couldn't get bump comfy but Millie never even woke up!
  • we didnt feel it up here in the lakes.
    we always miss everything..... :\( :cry:

  • well i have to say i did not feel a thing!! We live about 15 miles away from market rasen and all my family live nearby and all heard it. I think it was because we live in a really old cottage with huge walls!! i heard a bang and just thought it was the wind! I woke up to loads of txts asking if we were ok.... didnt know what people were babbling on about!! OH is so dissapointed that he didnt feel it!!
  • im in shropshire, my boyfriend was woken by it, i never felt a thing lol, my boyfriend woke me up after it had stoped and said did you feel that i was like well oviously not lol as i was asleep until you woke me hehe.
    he said the bed and wordrobe ext was shaking.

  • we are in preston and i felt it. i was kind half asleep, so wasnt sure what it was, but oh didnt even wake!!! when i got to work next day, everyone was on about it, i was so glad i wasnt going potty!!!
  • i live in doncaster and i felt it too. woke both me and oh up he thought someone was at bottom of bed shaking it.. and the night before my nephew stayed over and woke up in night saying there was someone in the room....... but the next morning i found out it was an earthquake......
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