creme eggs

Hi Ladies, have noticed that quite a few of you are addicted to them and just wonderd if anyone else thinks that they have gone back to how they used to be. For a while they were all thick, white, really sugary paste, but is it just me or have they gone a bit more creamy. Maybe I have got too much time on my hands!!!


  • Hi Claire, yes i think your right! They did go through a stage of being a bit thick and dry inside but now there back!! Hip hip hooray. lol. I go through a box of about 8 per wk, but promise you wont tell anyone!! lol. Debs x
  • Good girl, but are they the big ones or the little ones? Cos the little ones don't really count.
  • Hi Claire, im ashamed to say its the big ones! lol.
  • hi claire......cadbury's creme eggs are one of my cravings......i have to hide them from my kids greedy am i lol
  • I would be dissapointed debbie if you said the little ones, infact I would of called you a lightweight!!! And there nothing wrong with hiding them from your children, just think your helping avoid the addiction that the rest of us have - happy chomping xxx
  • Seeing as I m obviously talking to a sweet toothed bunch I just wanted to share my fantastic invention which helped me through my pregnancy. it's called the Two Cake Lunch and it goes like this;

    CAKE-takes the edge off the hunger pangs that have been seriously affecting your work doing abilities since at least your elevenses.
    SAVOURY- Often consisting of bacon baps and sausage rolls from the bakery.
    CAKE- nicely rounds off the meal and keeps u full and hunger free till at least two, two thirty.

    All washed down with a big bottle of chocolate milk. Good cake suggestions are caramel slices, danish pastries, chocolate muffins and chelsea buns or you can go the less sickly route and go for a lovely cherry scone. Technically not a cake but this invention is nothing if not flexible (u can even up it to a three cake meal, it has been done and it does taste good)

    Guaranteed top make a beautiful baby, just look at my little boy, made entirely from cakes.
  • So it was you who stole my new diet diary!!!! Just wondering were the creme eggs fit in? And the marmite crisps? It's worked for you he looks a lovely little fella!
  • Ahh, a little boy made from cakes, he looks good enough to eat!! lol. So my little boy will be made of cream eggs and egg and tomatoe sandwiches, ohh and wotsits!! Ohhh now im scared that doesnt sound very attractive! lol. Debs x
  • Has anyone tried freezeing cream eggs?? I was trying to make each one last longer so started freezing them as they took longer to eat. I think 3.5 hours is best time as chocolate freezes hard but middle is still slightly gooey and can be sucked out. (I have way to much time on my hands lol) xx
  • Yep im guilty of doing that! lol. The longer they are in my hands for the messier i become! he he.
  • i havnt had any creme eggs since monday. im too lazy to go to the shop. i really want to eat raw cake mix but my mum said i cant because of the eggs.. now im sad
  • Do you fancy it raw because you can't wait or are too lazy to cook it - either way made me laugh. i've just had a creme egg for breakfast. This baby might come out in a red and blue foil wrapper. xx
  • no i want it raw because i usually forget that ive put cakes in the oven and they get burnt and taste horrible. but cake mix is really nice.. u never licked the bowl?!
  • cake mix has got to be the best thing ever yum yum yum
  • haha ye. i ate some. i know its bad but i couldnt help myself. the cooked cakes are nice too. and just as i thought i forgot they were in the oven and some are a bit darker than normal
  • My midwife told me that raw eggs are okay as long as they are pastuerised, so as long as I look for the red lion stamp on them, then it's ok. If thats wrong, then the carbonara I did for dinner was a big mistake!!
  • ye i ate some then i read today that red lion eggs have been vaccinated againts salmonela so they are you
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