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Hi All
I know I still have a while till baby is due (Feb). I just wanted to know if anyone knew of any good baby name books - All the books I have seen have all the ordinary names that I have sort of grown up with. I want some different - but not way different. If you know what I mean!!
Thanks Guys!!


  • i really like millie, george, kitty, scarlet (my daughter, which we spelt this way to be different). joseph is my fav boys name. good luck with everything.
  • I dont know of any good books, but there are lots of good websites on this subject - If you do a google search for 'baby names'. You can also check a site I made on this subject

    If you really want a book check
  • i had my names picked out for years and now im pregnant i just dont know. at mo charlotte or robyn for girl and ethan for a boy r my favs but im constantly changing my mind x
  • Luca for boy and Eva for girl
  • Hey Guys - that link that Z613 sent me -
    go have a look at it if you can - its one of the best baby name websites I have been seen. Z613 whoever you are - thanks for sending it to me!!
    Good luck with the deciding - Its a tough one!!
  • No Problem. Enjoy.
  • There is also another website I found called it's a bit americanised but lots of nice unique name suggestions.
    I have got a zillion baby name books, most are just crap, listing the most common/traditional and I get frustrated reading pages of Ann, Mary, John, David etc - like we have never heard of these names before (no offence to Anns Marys Johns and Davids of course!!)
  • That's a great website trackieann, thanks!

    My faves at the moment are Brodie for a boy and Lola or Freya for a girl.
  • Thanks for that website Trackieann - one of the best I have seen. But Im still rather stuck for a boys name!!
  • I got a book called Celtic Names for Children (i think thats what its called i'm bf at moment so can't check) from waterstones. Its got some great names with meanings and where they come from.
    My partner and i went through it separatly making a list each then compared and ended up with about 10 girls n boys names then cut them down to about 5 or 6 of each and took them to the hospital to decide.
    Our lo is called Carrick ( means Rock), Struan (means Poet and is a form of my grandfathers surname).
    The girls names have much nicer meanings than the boys!
    Good Luck image
  • I named my baby boy Rawdon. I decided I loved the name when I watched the film 'Vanity Fair'...I had read the book a few years before seeing the film and the name hadn't stuck out then, infact I liked the name Amelia for a girl which is from the book too. We have had a few people think that we have said 'Jordan' and even 'Gordon'! My best friends mum thought that we had made it up but we haven't - it's actually 'old english' meaning 'from the deer hill'. We didn't tell many people what names we had chosen as you always get people turning their noses up at them and there's nothing they can say once you have had & named your baby (well not to your face!). I actually enjoyed winding people up about what we had chosen - I told people that it was going to be 'eric' after Bananaman & my husband told people it would be 'Duncan' as his initials are 'PJ' so it would be 'PJ & Duncan'! (we found out we were having a boy by the way!) I hope our little boy likes his name when he grows's individual without being weird like all the names celebrities are coming up with...I enjoyed being the only Francesca in my 3 schools and have only met one other Francesca although I believe that it has become more popular husband is called Paul & we know sooooo many Pauls! Incidently, we have not disclosed our 'girls' name should we go onto have a girl as we don't want anyone we know to nick it which has happened twice when I have said which names I liked! :\)
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