How u doin girlie, just lettin u no im here. Tess***


  • hi im fine thanks, u? feel very sick today lol, still have days like that, xx
  • same here, not 2 bad 2day. yesterday werent gr8 4 me! i got 2 sleep about 3 last nite & was up at 6:50am this mornin. so im tired but cant sleep. really annoyin. u shud go & put ur feet up& relax. its probably cos of all the excitement from yesterday (with ur scan). was there no clue as 2 what sex baby is? I booked my 4d scan yesterday its on the 28th of april, cant wait. lots of love Tess***
  • i tried to add a pic of my dog a couple weeks ago but it never appeared on here, weird, yeah my feet are up lol got the lap top on sofa with me, thats gr8 bout scan i wanted one of them but in not travelling hours away to get one done , well baby kept turning and the scan lady was like no dont go that way as i wouldav saw the boy/girl parts lol, yeah so due date now 14th , not complaining lol but itll come when ready anyway, xx
  • i tried 2 put my pic on when i 1st joined but it neva appeared. i was jus lucky 2day i guess. u will have 2 adjust ur due date on the site so they get how many days u have left rite!!!***
  • just changed date lol i have 136 left how abouts you?never really bought anything yesterday shops here are rubbish lol, bought a steriliser reduced from 40 to 20 so that was a bargain, thats bout it, thought we would have came home with loads, so what u getting up to today then? ive just a few things of house work to do then thats about it ,xxx
  • i have 141 days left, what make steriliser did u get, im confused by all the different brands, im gona get mamas bottle (gona breast feed, but just in case!), im doin absolutely nothin 2day. im gona sit on my fat arse all day!!***
  • its great being lazy aint it, its a tommee tippee one i think got 16pound worth of bottles in it too, i was gonna try scan my pics on here of the scan but ive only used it once and get confused, ive only 19weeks 3days to go doesnt seem a lot though really does it, my ass is moulded to this chair lol im never off of it hehe, hey we better keep in touch after the babys are born , xxx
  • i wil hold u 2 that, theres loads of people here i would love 2 keep in touch with. they're all so supportive (wel Claire21 is a bit strange!!!!!!!!!!!) only jokin claire! we can still talk bout what motherhood is like***
  • yeah thats true, dont need friends when got this website, everyone treats each other the same,its fab, just cant stay off this site now lol, u ever watch living2 tv channel? theres a pregnancy and birth prog on everyday at 12.30, i watch it,love baby progs lolxx still cant get my pic on here
  • ahh persevere! i used 2 watch those programs but they made me cry so i stopped. i dont know what came over me, even b4 i was pg i used 2 cry watchin them so theres no hope of me watchin them now. bein the emotional wreck that i am these days!!****
  • so how did u get ur pic going? i used to watch all the baby progs but when things go wrong that wat put me off i just watch the pregnancy birth the truth now,i was watchin mrs doubtfire earlier lol, it finished now though, all these older progs on tv nowadays that i used to watch wen i was little, my little bro away to school with 2 of my scan pics lol, he delighted he going to be a uncle at the age of 7(well 8 when it will be here)xxx
  • i watch those programmes aswel but the nearer i get to my due date the scarier it gets cos you see loads of complicated births n things, i no things dont always run smoothly but when u realise it could happen its frightening, anyway fingersX things go well 4 all of us xx
  • i went 2 my profile, then where it says avatar i pressed the browse button. then all the files from the computer showed up, i went to my documents, then my pics (cos thats where i saved all my pics) double clicked on the 1 i wanted then it automatically went back 2 the profile page with the details from my pic in the browse box. i then ticked the box which says show my avatar! it was easy but it probably sounds difficult the way i have written it***
  • yeah that exactly what i done bbut stil no luck lol, argh, gonna crack up,hehe,xx
  • hey tess , how are u today? im fine , xxx
  • hello, i have jus got out of bed. didnt sleep al nite til bout 7 this mornin. nitemare!!! im feelin ok tho, nothin to complain bout 2day. he he* yet***
  • hey do u have an asda near u? they are doing a baby thing from 1st till 7th march where loads of baby products very cheap so stock up lol, im going some day this week, xx
  • oh my god yeah i have 2 near me (opp directions), thats gr8, im goin 2moro. thanks love. tell claire, il email her***
  • Hi louise, dont no if ur on here today but just wonderin what happened with the ebay thing. I really dont want to buy somethin i wont use!
  • hi, yeah im on now lol, well i got suspended so can no longer use ebay, u could contact the seller and explain to see if they let u off with not buying it , thats shockin about the price for the postage, still havent got my pic on here argh , oh 39 sleeps till scan im still so excited 2day hehe, xxx
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