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Just wondered if any of you can help me out, i am looking for a small job which I can do to earn a bit of extra cash. I am open to many things,




  • I would say have a look into something like Avon which you can do in your own time. Otherwise something like Body Shop parties or Ann Summers? I am thinking about running a Slimming World group for extra income after little one arrives.
    Have you got any kind of arts/craft skills to make something and sell somewhere like eBay? Or you could sell other peoples stuff on eBay or Amazon and take 10% of the selling price for your trouble to list them?
  • Hi,

    The Avon thing is a good idea but Kleeneze is far better for mums to be or new mums as it is very flexible, with no limits on areas, time or income. Everyone is in business for themselves but not by themselves, there is no managerial structure but rather loads of training and support. Many people have gone on from earning a small extra income to running a very profitable business. For more information go to http://www.thekleenezebusinessopportunity.com/index.htm The site wil answer many of your questions; check out the video that gives a balanced non-biased overview of the business.
  • Hi I sell Usborne books high quality childrens books there great you can sell to friends,schools,playgroups etc via the children taking leaflets home plus your own little one can use the books themselves. Start up fee for month of August only ??19 so very little outlay this gives you ??100 of books and stationery. More than enough to get you going.
    Leave me a post if you want more details or email and i will help as much as i can....
    Vicky x

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  • oh I have been wondering about usborne books? Would you mind emailing me about how to get into it??? It sounds really interesting and plausible but I can't seem to find much info! I would relaly appreciate it!
  • Craftycharli let me have your email address then i can send you the info.
    if you click on the email link that will come stright to my inbox THe company web site is www.usbornebooksathome.co.uk the links at the top of the page give you lots of info and you can download the agreement to join if you do this let me know and i will be able to help you fill it and check on the progress for you...
    Joining pack is only ??19 for August do not know of any offers for next month....

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  • I've emailed you scubavic - hope you get it!
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