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my maternity leave runs out really soon, i cant return to my old job as i lost it due to nhs cut backs :roll: shortly before going on my mat leave.
I went to a body shop at home party towards the end of november last year and it was soo much fun, so much so i ended up hosting my own party last night.
im considering becoming a body shop at home consultant as i can work from home and choose my own hours, i have an area manager coming to see me tomorrow to discuss it.
becoming a consultant is the type of thing i could really do but you have to get six partys booked with in 3 weeks of joining which is worrying me a little. also the fact i have to buy a kit full of products to get started so i dont want to fail at it.
has anyone been a body shop consultant before or is one now? what are your experiences and did/do you enjoy it. did you have much problem getting partys booked? is there any downside i should be aware of?
we had the same consultant at both partys and she really enjoys it and seems to be quite sucessful. i dont know that many people though and quite a few of my friends are her friends too and i dont want her to think im pinching her custom (although it was her that suggested the consultant idea).
any replys are much apreciated :\)


  • I think its 6 parties in the first month, and the stuff you buy is discounted although I'm not sure exactly by how much.

    A friend of mine has started doing body shop parties recently and seems to be doing well out of it, and before she started, we did have a few parties run by a friend of hers.

    I'd say the main thing to be aware of is - can you get enough people to agree to parties without having the same people at each party? My group of friends ended up having a few parties and it got to the point where we couldn't have any more because it would be the same people going again and noone had any money to spend or needed anything new.

    Good luck
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