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Just to get this off my chest. We recently went on holiday, and to cut a long story short, I'm really disapointed at how people with babies/ young children are treated. We had to stand on the bus from the plane to airport (with bags etc you can imagine) holding 17months old sleepy baby, no one offered a seat (there was also another couple standing with a younger baby!) , lots of men were seated etc I also recently went to a shopping centre, whilst waiting for the lift, all the people rushed in and left me and another lady with a pram to wait for it to go up and come back again (only 1 was working!) never been to this shopping centre before and wont be going back, I usually go about by car so havent been on a bus with pram or baby. But even when I leave the local shop and go in its quite common for people to watch me struggle to open the door and push the pram out etc why are we so bad mannered?????????????and its not just the younger people the older ones are just as bad


  • i say its old people and chavs that are the worst. especially on buses. like im 6 months pregnant and i get on a bus and im the only one standin coz the bloody chavs are all sittin nicely not fallin over everywhere. and with my college kit as well. thats heavy and i have to just stand there. arghhhh old people and chavs suck haha
  • We now have a car but before I was often on buses if not walking and I lost count of all the times the elderly old bags complained about my pram, how disgraceful it is that buses take elderly spaces away to allow prams on board and how in their day they had to walk every fecking where. In the end I used to talk rather loudly about people who moaned about such things and how ignorant and selfish they were!! Still sticks in my throat now, just thinking about it GRRRR
  • Its not just out and about either. I hate eating in restaurants too because if you look round you see enitre families chewing with their mouths open and talking to each other with their mouths full of food!! I can see what you're eating while it's still on your plate, I don't needto see it in your mouth too! Eew, people make me sick sometimes!
  • Willowsmum, I know what you mean about going on holiday, this usally happens to us. we have just been away and on th way back I made sure I got on the bus first, I was first at the busstop, hubby put bags in and I put my son next to me and my daughter held a seat for hubby. Hunny thought when the bus filled up I should put our son on my lap and I said no I have paid for a seat and they can wait...The lift is another hate of mine, people use them when thay can walk up stairs or take the escalators..
    It is nicwe to moan sometimes..
  • I completely agree with you all!!
    Another big thing of mine is when i go to go on the bus and the spaces that are there for buggys are being taken up by old biddies shoppuing baskets!!
  • well guys, when I visited uk for the first time after other european contries, I thought that your country is better then many others, or may be they were nicer to me because I was a tourist daughter at the time was 8 months old, I was using buggy, most people were very helpful...
  • my local shopping centre has a lift specially for disabled/prams etc. it even has an attendent who rides in it and STILL lazy people use it who dont really need to and your left waiting for ages. also this morning this old lady totally pushed in from of me at the check out in a shop, just cos i have to angle the pram slightly to one side so i dont block the whole aisle(which they would moan at), she just walked right in front of me. it really winds me up cos i know old people say its us 'young uns' who are rude! hello!!! and while im moaning i tell you what else annoys me, when im out shopping normally in sainsburys which lo obviously doesnt like and shes crying, and your struggling with the buggy and basket and getting things of the shelf and just trying to remember what you want. people are going 'ohh the babys crying' like shes in mortal danger, then at the check out a shop lady came over and was trying to shove her dummy in, when she clearly didnt want it. in my head i was like 'aaarhg get off my baby' why do we have to be nice to people who interfere???? sorry i feel better now. i say we open our own shopping centre, no old people or chavs all electric doors who's for it??
  • Susie I totally agree. It really winds me up when you get the "helpful" shop assistant trying to interfere. On a trip to Asda the one day my son was crying, he was about 9 months old at the time and was crying as he was fed up. We'd queued for ages at the checkout so it was no surprise. I wondered what she was doing with her reciept roll but thought it had jammed or something but NO, she was winding a large piece off for my son to "chew" on. Can you beleive it? Boy did I struggle to be polite and not call her a f'ing idiot!
    I've also had several people ask why he hasn't got a dummy and even shown me where they are on the shelf. We DON'T use dummys. I HATE them. So NO I don't appreciate being told to stick one in my son's mouth.
    Old dears really wind me up too. I find them much much worse than young people. It is amazing how fast they can move themselves when there is a table free in a cafe or something yet they can't manage to hold the door or move out of your way to let you past with the buggy. I came across an old dear I had been stuck behind all the way around a shop becasue she had insisted on walking as slow as possible down the middle of the aisle so I could not go round her in the cafe and she ran , yes ran, to beat me to a table even though I had been in there first! I was mightily p'd off.
    They frequently push you out of the way or take it upon themselves to move your buggy for you which really makes me want to scream. As I do try to be considerate where I stop with it.
    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh I cold go on about old dears they should be shot when they reach 70. Or put in homes and not let out. Or have delegated old biddy shopping times so you knew to stay clear at those times.
    And don't get me started on old biddies tutting at breast feeding. For god's sake did they just stay in the house the whole time when their babies were tiny???? Or was there more breast feeding facilites we don;t know about than there are today.
    I have to stop my blood is boiling!
  • The old ladies all gave their children bottles, I know this because my gran is still muttering about the fact that I am breastfeeding lo. Why do they go shopping on bank holidays when they are off every day and why oh why do they all drive so fecking slowly!!!!!!
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