Meals that freeze

I am just starting to think that maybe I could make home-cooked meals for my husband and I in advance of the birth, and freeze them. I thought that then I could just take something out of the freezer of a morning, for our dinner at night, and then just put it in the oven for when my husband comes home. It might make things easier when the baby comes and my hands are full with caring for him/her and myself!

I am no Delia Smith, though I am keen to try things, and would like to expand my very limited repertoire!

The only thing I can think of right now is lasagne - any other ideas/recipes please?



  • Not sure about tea but what about doing some lovely hearty soups for your lunch you could have it with crusty bread and it nice and healthy for you my fav are curried carrot or curried parsnip taste much nicer than they sound.
  • when I was single I used to do huge cooks of lasagne & shepherds pie. If you get the foil dishes from wilkos they are dead cheap and you don't have a yucky pie dish to wash up afterwards and they stack well in the freezer. Don't put them in the microwave to defrost though cause they give out blue sparks!!!

    My ex used to make random big pasta cook ups with random pasta sauces and whatever bits of meat needed using up - and then just freeze and reheat them.. never ate them though cause I hate reheated pasta so dunno how well they turned out!

    Chile con carne also freezes ok - I've frozen up the cooked meat before then you can just defrost/reheat the meat and cook fresh rice to go with it. Umm...also - those sausage sauce mix things freeze ok too... I think its a sausage casserole thingy.

    I'm a lame ass cook..I use packet stuff or jars... or make hubby cook image
  • Hi I am planning on trying to do this when I start my leave at the beginning of Dec.
    Ideas I have had include:
    Cottage pie
    Fish pie
    Chicken curry/ casserole
    Bolognese sauce so just need to heat and add pasta

    As kia says I will put in foil dish to heat so then will just need to wash the plates and the foil trays can be thrown out. My friend did this for her first baby and found it helped a lot. Also buying in tea and coffee and biscuits for visitors.

  • Thanks girls. I will get some foil dishes to give me some incentive to start!
  • Hi Rhian!

    I have been doing this for years! It's from force of habit really! When single always made too much - now there's two of us I always make too much - it comes from having a big family I always cook too much!

    I have frozen lots of stuff! But there are other ideas too! A slowcooker is a FANTASTIC invention! You can do a whole chicken in it! I come home in my lunch hour - whack it in - come home at 5.30 and it's done - just falls off the bone - yum!!! You can quickly throw a salad with it or veg etc. Then you can use the left over chicken for sandwiches, soups, stews or make a chicken pie etc! You can do casseroles and bit joints of meat in them too! You just throw everything in - come back several hours later and you have a meal!

    I find that also making a bit extra and having it for lucnh the next day stops me worrying about what to organise for lunch!

    Soups are great to make and freeze, so it lasange or chilli con carne or savory mince etc - although just freeze the mince any pasta is better off cooked at the time! I also portion food I buy - like bread or meat and freeze some and use some - I used to waste so much that I thought there had to be a better way! I very rarely buy loaves now and buy the partly baked rolls - freeze some and keep the others until I need them and bake them as they last longer!

    Another great thing I do is use up fruit that is going soft and make smoothies - they are great to grab at breakfast or as a snack full of goodness too!

    I'm obsessed with cooking as you can probably tell :lol: happy to share recipes ideas if you need any! ;\)


  • I plan on doing this, Have 6 weeks left so should start soon. Was gonna do things such as shepard pie, lasagne, chili con carni, soups and probably apple crumble tooo.

    Also we quite like curry and we buy the jars of sauce I only like Korma its dead quick just fry the chinken (or other meat) chuck in sauce, by uncle bens rice which cooks in 2 mins in microwave within 10 mins or so you have a meal cooked. It will take that or longer to reheat. So I'll do a combination of both.
    Also gonna ask mil and mother to bring things round hehe.xx
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