Vicks vapour rub???

Hello guys i have got the flu & i was finding it hard to breathe anyway so its even worse now especially while im sleeping. Does anyone know if i can use vicks vapour rub?????


  • i am pretty sure you can, if you dont rub it on ya chest put some on a tissue or at night put some in a burner so it smells around ya room..
  • Vapour rub is fine, you can also use olbas oil. The thing that really worked for me (and for my little man now) is Karvol plug in that you can get at most pharmacies, I swtich in on 1/2 an hour before bed then shut the bedroom door, and then whe you go to bed you room is full of the smell. Hope you feel better soon.x
  • Vicks Vabour rub is pants on me, but you can put it on your chest no probs, however I prefer Olbas Oil. Intend to try the plug in next time too!
  • I'm not suggesting this but when my oldest was 2 he plastered his hair in it and despite how many times i washed his hair i could smell it for ages after!!! I tend to use karvol vaporiser now!:\)
  • yea its fine altho i found Boots own brand didnt smell as strong but worked just the same. I bought the one suitable from 3 months!
  • Oh dear, its too late now i already used it!
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