Where do u live?

hi i live in norfolk


  • Hi
    Im live near Lancaster in Lancashire, not far from the Lake district.
  • I live near Dundee, Scotland but from Cambridgeshire. Been in Scotland 2 months and liking it very much. Still got a common Peterborough accent though!! LOL no-one understands me up here. xx
  • Hi, i'm from Bedford xx
  • Hi everyone, i'm Chanine pg with my 3rd, due 31st July and living in Morden, Surrey
  • hello i'm from yeovil, somerset
  • hiya all im from north wales due 3rd june with 2nd! with a 12 year gap... ;o/
  • Hi im near Inverness,Scotland xx
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  • hey Lytchick I live near you- corfe mullen, im 34 weeks pregnant with my first, r u giving birth in poole or dorchester?
  • H i'm Anita from Margate in kent now 29 weeks with 4th baby (glutton for punishment) got a 7 year old a 5 year old and a 3 year old.
  • hi im louise, due 17th july, and i live in aberdeenshire(north east)
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  • Hey Lytchick. I loved the Haven suite but have been told as its twins its not a option, i thought everything there seemed so relaxed. I'm booked for a c-section in 3 weeks but its been agreed if i go into labour i can have a go at natural. tbh both ways scare me so just going with consultants advice. Jill is my m/w and ive been lucky too as she is really good, in fact so far i havent a bad word to say about Poole MU, have been in and out all through the pregnancy and they have been helpful, friendly and most of all clean! are you going for normal birth? xx
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  • Good morning. Yeah parkings not great, Ive been lucky so far keep parking on the road and waddling to the unit, been parked their for more than two hours but managed to avoid a parking ticket. The multistory seems so far away when your pregnant. Saw from your profile that you have a 9year old son-is he excited about having a brother or sister (do you know what your having?) There is 9 years between my husband and his sister and it worked really well for them. xx
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  • MSN wld be good. Have recently got new computer and havent set it up yet-since being pregnant I seem to have a long list of things to do that i never complete. I blame this site and sleeping! I'm pleased your son is excited and its sweet that he is reading to the 'bump' I guess the protectiveness will follow thru when babe is born, as he will be the big older brother. Is baby gonna buy his brother a present, thats my only real memory of my sister being born she 'bought' me a tiny tears doll, my mum said i was more interested in the doll than my sister! Bet your pleased to be finishing work, particularly as your not going back!! xx
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  • Hayden sounds like a real sweetie. bless him carrying your bags I think its great that he wants to get involved. Congrats on finishing work, it must be a lovely feeling to know for sure that your not going back. I'm not sure what im going to do yet. Have left my job open but really dont want to return, and if i do it will only be p/t. My hubby has just set up a buisness selling estate cars so im hoping it gets busy enough that he can employ me and i can do paperwork from home. Id be happy to work when the kids go to school but if its at all poss really want to be at home with them till then. My mum childminded when we were small and it worked really well, im still close to one of the children she looked after, she is like a sister. I wont be on tomorrow but will try n msn you on tues. hope you enjoy your first no work monday xx
  • I live in Northern Irelnad, a lovely wee town called Ballycastle. I live beside the forest and the sea, nice and quite.
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