Migraines!!Need help :(

For the last 2 weeks i've been sick with a virus that has been going around but i've been left with migraine headaches.They start everyday at round 11a.m and last anywhere up to 5 hours. Don't really wanna be taking paracetomol everyday so has anybody got any safe suggestions for someone who is 7months pregnant and really could do with any remedies.


  • I find I get migraines if my blood sugar is low. I dunno how common a cause that is or if it's just me but could be worth keeping an eye on. The first sign I get is flashing in my eyes at which point I drink some coke and have some chocolate (any excuse!) and lie down with my eyes closed for a while. It normally passes within half an hour. Could be worth a go x
  • hiya go to the doctor they will give you something, i suffered from migraines through my pregancy, i stopped coffee, all the obvious things, didn't help! the doctor prescribed tablets that basically knocked me out but what a relief and i also took nurofen, doctor said it was safe as baby had developed but you better check! i used that cooling strips on my forehead as well! i really feel for you as there shit to have, go to the doctor and get it sorted! xx hope you feel better soon
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