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hi all, im just new to this so im looking for other people to chat to. im 23, years old and im due with my first baby on august 17th. im real excited and cant wait to meet this little one moving around inside of me. im also looking for tips and advice on everything. im really interested in all your stories so get writing please xxxx:\)


  • Hi lynsay, i haven't been on here long either but have found that everyone on here is really nice and helpful. The posts have made the last few days better for me as i can see that other ppl are in same position as me. Hope that it helps you as much as it is me. Kate (39wks tomorrow) xx
  • Hello, Lynsay 23, How are you im due september 15th,Im also 23 just. Do u know the sex of your baby?
    I find out on wednesday, I cant wait, It seems 2 be dragging now.
  • hi lindsay congratulations and welcome to the forum, you will always find someone on here to answer any questions you have, everyone is so friendly. im 34 so good bit older than you and got 2 kids, once you come on this site you cant stay away lol. take care karen xxx
  • thanks for all your replies. you all very helpful and very nice. no i didnt want to know babys sex but i have a scan at 34 weeks because my placenta was low lying. fingers crossed itll move. any1 else experienced this? xx
  • no experience of that, are you going to ask at next scan, i didnt want to know with either of mine its all part of the excitement i think, good luck i hope it moves what will happen if it doesnt.
  • hi lynsay23 welcome to the site im 2and ttc my first baby we have been trying for 15 month but no luck yet hopefully next month take care love sammy :\):\)
  • ah thanx for replying to that. no i dont plan on finding out the sex of my baby. id love a surprise think it adds to the experience and excitement. if the placenta doesnt move i may have to have a c section which i really dont want to have xx and good luck sammy! it will happen! my baby was a total surprise but a good 1. i was still on the pill! xx
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