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Baby walkers and web site

Does anyone like baby walkers? Are they safe? I have had mixed advise and am not sure now, my baby is 6 monts old, do you think its worth getting one?
Someone said they tip all the time.

Ps have you seen that, good idea to pay towards reading her diary or cheeky?



  • my lo has a baby walker he only goes in for 30mins at a time it has never tipped over but he cant half pick up some speed,lol.xx
  • i put my daughter in a baby walker and it did her no harm i dont think they would be able to sell them if they were so un safe! she only used it from 6months for a few weeks as she started walking at 8.5 months and i think she walked early because she used it!
  • Physios want them banned as they can delay walking and they have a poor safety record with risk of tipping. Personally I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole even though I used one with my 1st. Door bouncers are much better as strengthen legs without the push back motion.
  • i wish my lo woulda used his door bouncer! lol.
    there is much conflicting views about baby walkers, i think if u use them as a babysitter and leave lo in for ages then they dont have chance to develop walking/standing skills.
    my lo only goes in for max half hour and at 10m is cruising round furniture and standing alone for a short time so i think if used properly they r quite entertaining 4 baby.
    though i think over using them could hinder development. xx
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