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Not sure if I have understood you right but are you putting the base in and out every time? Assuming it works like my Maxi-cosi seat you need to fix the base in with the seatbelt and then the car seat just clicks onto it, which is easier than fitting the seat each time. Afraid I have no tips for getting lo moving as Millie was 10 days early!


  • Hiya, im in a mood, today should be the big day when im due but nothin is happenin in there and baby looks like it wont move until its forced out, anyway i thought i would keep myself busy and pass the time insted of sittin watchin daytime tv actually wishin for some pain and contractions,(does anybody else wish for that or is it just me?!?!?)

    so i thought i would play with the car seat gettin it in and out etc, i wish i hadnt started doin this now as im worried that its too big for my car.
    does anybody else have this problem?:\?
    I have a VW POLO (2003) and its a mamas n papas primo viaggio infant carrier that comes with the pramette /pliko thing but it also has a base thing to put it on which they "advise"you use it all the time, it just seams so heavy and clumbersum to put in the car when the baby is actually stil init sometimes or am i bein thick and put it in wrong?

    thanks for lookin at this and any replies, and any ideas to get things movin in the bump i would alos be very happy with, lol!image

  • the base is ment to stay in the car and ya just clip the seat in and out of the base when ya use it!! is there a mamas and papas near to u?? if so i'd say go and ask them how it is fitted and they should show u! if ya bought the car seat from them they should have already gone through it with u but even if ya didnt we do car seat fittings for people who have bought from other places (i work in the liverpool one) i'd just go in and ask just to be on the safe side!
    ruth xxxx
  • hiya thanks, i will be leavin the base in my car and just clickin the seat ontop of that but it just seams so big and doesnt leave much space for the front passenger seat that all, i will get boyf to have a play and see, the nearest is Deepdale, Preston im sure we will sort it, thanks for your help
  • I have a nissan micra and i had a car seat with the base etc that came with the travel system and i hated it. my car is a 2 door so it was a nightmare getting the seat in and out all the time also the seat i didnt feel was very safe so i went out and got a new car seat it cost ??129 but has so much more padding and looks so much more safer its from birth up to 4 yrs and i am so please with it. It doesnt have a base so stays in the car all of the time. I am also looking at getting a new car with 5 doors i am looking at the skoda fabia estate nice big boot. Didnt realise how much stuff u need to take with u when u r out and about. My boot on the nissan only just fits the pram in and there is no room for any shopping its a nightmare.
  • i just dont know why they are soo big, surly there are other people out there with smaller cars than a polo but showed it the bf last night and he says we might have to get a bigger car, yippee!! lol
    its such an effort tryin to get the pram in the boot there is a certain way you have to do it, should be fun on a cold wet cumbrian day!
    i have been lookin forward to days out with the baby once he/she makes an appearence but if its goin to turn into a military operation i might wait for the weeksends when bf is off work!
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