Anyone watching heroes?

Is anyone else watching this series?? I am already totally hooked - only watching it on UK tv so if you have downloaded it from USA please don't put any spoilers on here image or I will cry :cry:

Just wondered if anyone else was enjoying it???


  • hi, i'm not watching it but my oh is and he says it's really good, wish i had started watching it now but i'm too tired by then lol!!!
    michelle xx
  • I am lucky michelle and sky plus it and then watch it the next day - I couldn't keep my eyes open that late either!
  • is it any good sky plus is it worth the money, how much is it?
  • well I thought we would never really use the sky + so was against getting it but actually we use it ALL the time me more than hubbie! The box is ??99 to start with then we pay about ??37 a month but that is on one of the most expensive options with extra channels and stuff - go on and it should tell you about it but I use it for recording films and stuff a lot!
  • sky plus is wicked ! i could not live without it . Heroes oh my god how good is it i watch on bbc2 then switch to bbc3 who is your fave charactor?
  • Don't really know who my fav is but I think Hiro is v funny - enjoy his bits a lot! What is on BBC3 after??? What am I missing out on?
  • I wont spoil it but me and oh watched them all a while back... love it!! Hiro is so cute (not in a sexy way)!
  • yeah they were originally on a different channel or something weren't they Jennie??? Can you tell me this - will it just be one series or will there be another???
  • They were on the Sci Fi channel... which is a bit weird cos i always thought it was a bit of a low budget repeat channel. But my oh downloaded them from the net back when i was spewing daily at the beginning of my preg... aah the memories!

    There will be another series as there is a taster for it at the end of this series! x
  • oh great more to look forward to then!
  • Hello,
    i love heroes i watched it on sci fi and got mad if anyone phoned us when it was on i can't wait for the next series. Its all been thought through so well!
    i watched er annd they had a random save the cheerleader save the world quote in it when they operated on a cheerleader! i'm so sad
  • if you turn over to bbc3 after heroes on wednesday you can watch next weeks one! is there def going to be a second season? in was really pissed off when lost finished but now i have something else to obsess over im def the sad one xxx
  • lost still isn't finished though - next series of that is out after Christmas - Can't wait for that either!
  • Hi girls, fellow devotees of lost and heroes yeh!!! The nxt series of lost is the last isnt....oh god no more sawyer....!!! And my addiction to heroes has just started, i love these programmes, u never know whats guna happen do u!!!
  • LOVING Heros! Esp Hiro, he's sooo sweet!
  • Oh yeah love Heroes, Lost anything like that even oh does & he hates soaps & cheesy stuff.
    Another 1 I like is Ghost whisperer on living TV.
    I think I watch too much TV!
  • ANyone been listening to Radio1 this morning? they have had the cheerleader on and peter petrelli for interviews - quite amusing and interesting!
  • they were on breakfast as well, i love lost please dont let it be the last series, did you see the coolwater ads sawyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!is so fine xxx
  • I think there are 2 more lost series - cos we have had 4 so far and I think there are 6 in total!
  • im absolutley loving heros i hope there is another series after this one as its so good sammy xxxx
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