What are you missing most?

Hi All!

I am finding it surprisingly easy to steer clear of alcohol; considering drinking was one of my favoured past times BUT I am looking forward to getting absolutely blotto with my OH - we used to giggle and giggle all night. I think it has helped with him being so supportive - he has only been tipsy a couple of times so far.

I am just hoping that my baby pops out before Xmas - I am due 16th December... I can't imagine having Xmas with all these food restrictions. The main ones I miss are pate, shellfish (although I have still eaten well-cooked prawns), peanuts, brie and stilton - to me... these are foods that make Xmas!! Please baby - be early!!

What are you missing?

Gembob xx


  • I know what you mean about xmas without certain foods, my baby's due 9th Jan!
    I'm don't really drink much anyway so booze ain't the issue, but I'm really missing, prawns & shellfish, pate, peanuts and a nice fried egg as a brekkie ain't the same without one!x
  • I am missinglovely brie or any runny cheese, goats cheese, shropshire blue basically loads of cheeses,pate, and a runny boiled egg. mmmmmmmmm hungry now
  • Ok i must be the worst pregnant person ever but i still eat prawns and peanuts and soft eggs. I think there is far too much pressure to eat a certain way. Yes i know you shouldnt eat nuts as they could cause an allergy but the way i look at it is how did women manage years ago? When my mum was having me she was told to eat loads of liver which we now know can cause huge problems for babies. I just think once in a wonder shouldnt make that big a differance and as long as i dont fry up a flap of eggs and eat them all in one go or eat a bag of peanuts all in one go then a little bit wont do any harm. Im now 32 weeks. Sorry for the rant, im just tired and my back is killing me and im being a stroppy cow,
  • i miss dippy eggs,nutella (cause of the nuts),and having as much fizzy drinks,hot chocolate and coffie as i like(cause of the caffine)i neva had lots of thae stuff above but cause i cant i want it more lol
  • i miss goin out in a short skirt and gettin pissed lol. and wearin nice clothes and being able 2 lie on my front and go horse riding lol.
  • What I miss most is sleeping on my front. I'm sure if i tried I would look like a rocking horse, LoL.
    Food wise I have to say I agree totally with Ganzo. I don't like shellfish or eggs anyway, I still eat all kinds of nuts in moderation, and as long as I can guarantee that the pate is cooked throughly I still eat it, again in moderation. I have the very occational glass of red, but to be honest I have gone off alcohol. I have also been known to have the occational cigaette. My mum smoked heavely, drank, ate runny eggs, pate, and liver with me and my brother and we are ok (well that could be matter of opinion really, LoL). My Nan did the same and her mum before that. If you followed to the letter what you should and shouldn't do you wouldn't have a life for 9months.
    Rant over, thanks for listening. X X X
  • Really miss my G&T every evening! Miss work loads as well as I had to give up due to complete lack of childcare for my toddler in our area. Still eat nuts and prawns and agree that you can go overboard with being careful - or maybe its cause its my second and feel a bit braver! xx
  • Im with Gazno Ive got a thing for Snikers at the mo but feel a tad bad cause of the nuts and I had a steak (medium) and prawns Im soooooo bad
  • im missing sleeping on my belly, malibu and coke and lately if i smell pate its hard to resist but i will live on the stuff after the birth yummmmmmmmmm.........
  • I'm missing alcohol - i think i'm craving going out & getting hammered (although i wont of course) i havent changed what food i eat or dropped any so that doesnt make a diff for me really
  • I don't miss alcohol altho I have had a few drinks while pregnant. Also I've eaten fried and dippy eggs, same as Gazno, I'm not a nut, cheese or coffee fan and am missing pate terriably. I'm also missing sleeping on my front and riding my horse. And believe it or not, clothes shopping, (I hate shopping for clothes normally).
  • oh yeah horse riding - although dont get to ride much with a 2 year old stil miss it now i know i cant !!
  • I miss snickers in fact i have craved nuts for so long, i had a bit of nutella yesterday and my sister started winging at me and i just told her to piss of coz loads of people smoke n drink n take drugs while pregnant so to me having a bit of nutella is hardly the worst thing i can do. I did wait till 7 month + though. Although it made me V paranoid after coa baby didnt move till dinner, so i dont think i will be risking it again. I miss drinking at weekends x
  • I really miss sleeping on my tummy!! That has to be the worst thing about being pregnant (it is for me lol) I also miss pate, shellfish and mcdonalds milkshakes! And Mr whippys mmmmmmmmmm
  • i agree with abbey and everyone who misses sleeping on their tummy. but i also miss sleeping flat on my back cos now i feel like baby is crushing me! i miss being abe to get off the sofa without rocking backwards to lunge myself off and being able to finish a bottle of wine on a friday with my dinner after work. have had the occasional spritzerbut very weak and felt incredibly guilty!

  • I miss sleeping on my front too!! i still find myself trying to get on my front in the middle of the night and im 33 weeks tommorrow!! I still eat peanuts and prawns, not loads but if i fancy them i eat them. Like it has been said before my mum ate what she wanted and i have no allergies what so ever, oh apart from penicillin but that has come with adulthood as only found out at the age 25.
    I do however miss cigarettes!! i stopped straight away and i used to smoke 15-20 a day. Im not going to start again but the smell is amazing!! I do miss alcohol too which is funny as i didnt drink that much before hand but i could murder a vodka and red bull!!

    i feel guilty now as i have had both macdonalds milkshakes and mr whippy!! i think i may be finding out why i still suffer from sickness!!

    Nikki84 - i was told by my dr to drink full sugar coke etc rather than the caffine free one!! he said that i would have to drink about 3 big bottles a day to do any harm!! plus the caffine free ones have artificial sugars in them which arent good!!
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