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Hi to everyone, I am here to pick your brains if I may.
Me and my mother in law are looking into finding premises and opening up our own day care centre.
I just wondered if there was anything in particular that you liked your dis-liked at the centres your children go to? In doing this hopefully we will get ours just right anf both parents and children will love it.

Thanks for your help


  • Hi, I'm a Nursery Teacher and I think it's great what you're planning to do. I think the main problem with Day Care Centres is the staffs lack of enthusiasm. Most of the ones I've been to, the children seem to just play all day and the staff sit around gossiping (I'm sure they're not all like that! - don't want to offend anyone!) I think that as long as each day is structured and varied it can be great. The other problem that was in the news last week was food. So many Day Care Centres were feeding the children rubbish - chocolate, crisps - and I think the Goverment were trying to fix it. Anyway, good luck with it.
  • i agree with Annieuk75 that you need to find committed and enthusiastic staff, this will be your most important assett, however with a national shortage of qulaified staff this could be an issue, depending on where you are tryng to recruit. I am a nursery practitioner with over 16years experience and have seen alot of change over the years, however one thing is certain if you have enthusiastic dedicated staff who utiluse every opprtunity to extend the childrens learning the children will be happy and flourish in your care.
    my sister once toild me that wshen she took her son to nursery the thing that she like to see the most was the happy caring staff greeting them both with a smile, that helped her to settle him in and made her feel more confident about leaving him.
    isnt it funny, to us health and safety, planning, equipment etc are very important in setting up yet parents ideas are quite different.
  • i also forgot to say good luck with your project.
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