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paypal & e-bay????????

hi, can anyone explain how paypal works with ebay cos when i pay for in item the seller is getting my payment but i am not being charged from my bank or my card!!!!
is this what is supposed to happen or not? will it come out of my account soon this has been going on since about tuesday and i still haven't been debited!! i'm very confused can anyone shed some light?

michelle xx


  • Hi Michelle,
    You can load credit or debit card details into paypal and then select what you want to pay with however sometimes it does take a few days for the money to debit from my account. It might be paypal that is delaying it - have you emailed them so that they can tell you if they are having delays?
  • no i was waiting for the payment to come out will leave it til tomorrow if it hasn't come out then i better email them cos the total cost for everything is over ??100 and i don't want to get into trouble with them!!! xx
  • Hi Michelle - have you sold anything on ebay? If you do the money you get from the person who bought your item is stored on paypal and then the money is used when you buy something!
    If not - then when you buy something it doesn't not say "paypal" on your statement - it says the name of the person you bought it from I believe! Also if it didn't go through they would have contacted you by now!
    Hope this helps!
  • Hi ya

    I used to use paypal for ebay, it takes a few days for bank/card to acknowledge the payment but it will definatly take the money after a week.

    charlie x 16+1
  • hi.
    I use paypal to buy and sell on ebay all the time. When you pay some one via paypal as soon as you click the pay button the seller is paid immediatley into their paypal account. The payment then takes a few days to come out of your bank account/ be charged to your card.
    Like when you go shopping and buy a product with your debit card but it doesnt come off your bank balance for a few days.
    Dont worry, if you clicked the pay button using paypal the seller of your item will have recieved their money.
    ps: mummywannabe is right also if you have sold and used paypal the money will have come off your paypal balance if you havent transferred it to the bank or chosen an option not to pay by paypal balance. I am presuming though you havent sold using pay pal as you seem quite new to it. Also on my bank statements the debit is called "paypal payment"

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  • thanks everyone it's ok, it came out of my bank today. i'm quite new to it so haven't got a clue whats going on!!!!
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