justice system in this country.

sorry i had to say this, ive got the news on in the background. a man who assualted a 96 year old man on a tram on CCTV was given a silly 2 year community order (or whatever!) it was on CCTV he should go to jail end of! the old man is now blind. its awful, i realise this man may have problems but what sort of message does it send out? oh its ok to break the law, even better if we catch it on CCTV! we wont bother doing anythging! AAAAAARGH it makes me so mad. apparently he was angry cos he wanted to get past the old man and the tram was crowed and the old man was unsteady on his feet! good question why didnt someone give him a seat.? sorry rant over.


  • Makes your blood boil, doesn't it. Why don't they do us all a favour and just shoot him (the man doing the assaulting, not the old man). Ok, quite harsh but I'm only half joking. What hope of rehabilitation is there for someone who thinks it's acceptable to beat up a NINETY-SIX year old man?? I'm not sure you can ever change someone with that mentality. Probably going to get roasted for being un-PC now but oh well.

    As pregnant ladies, did you get people offering you seats on public transport?
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