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i'm currently learning to drive and i think it's about time as i'm 26 and on my 4th child (plus oh has another 3). at the mo i can get into 3rd gear and turn left at junctions - so you wouldn't get very far with me at the mo lol !!! on saturday i will be doing right junctions then the next wk i will be driving on the main roads so watch out!!!!!

has anyone got any tips for me?

if you can drive how long did it take you in total?

and how many times did it take you to pass?



  • sorry forgot to give you all a kiss -


    there is that enough for you!!!!
  • I learnt back when i was 17 (am 26 too) but i'm embarrassed to say i didnt pass till the 5th test!!! My instructor said i was ready but i kept on turning into a nervous wreck.. on my 1st test the test man said 'take the 1st on the left' and i took the 1st on the right... how embarrassing! I finally passed when i'd given up all hope and resigned myself to the fact i was never gonna pass (i think this made me relax a bit). I still managed to pass within 9months of learning though.. my mum kept forcing me to re book if i failed so that i wouldnt give up and i'm glad i did.. i dont think i could live without my car now.

    Good luck.. and try to enjoy the lessons (if poss!!) x x x x x x
  • oh gosh how nerve wracking - where do you live just so we know when to keep off the roads (only joking :lol: )

    I eventually passed 3rd time - Like jennie I just turned into a nervous wreck everytime I had a test! It took me a while but I started learnign when I was 17 then failed and then moved away and was never in one place long enough to have lessons and take the test etc. I eventually passed aged 21. Now I couldn't live without my car use it loads and wouldn't be able to get to or from work without it anyway!
  • oh yeah sorry - you asked for advice too - well just TRY and relax and enjoy it - tricky to start with I know but I love driving now! You will get used to it and get there!
  • yeah make sure your relaxed - i used to find it hard to concentrate whilst learning when id had a stressful day or had a row with oh. take your time, dont try to rush your self because thats when you make mistakes and most of all dont dwell on it if you do make a mistake, learn from it and move on. who cares if you made a fool of your self infront of those 10 cars behind you.. you'll probably never see them again lol.
    I have been learning to drive about a year. The first time i took my test i failed because i didnt really have much driving confidence and hesitated at a roundabout. the second time i failed i was huge and 3 days away from giving birth and felt like crap. i didnt see a tiny old lady waiting at a crossing (it was rush hour and loads of cars had stopped on the crossing and she was hidden behind them all) so my examiner slammed breaks on lol. as soon as she did it i knew i failed and as i was only 5 mins into the test i told her i didnt want to carry on with it. She said fine and got out of the car and walked off leaving me in the middle of somewhere i wasnt very familiar with about to pop at any minute. i had to wait about an hour for my instructor to find me!!
    Im hoping to pass this time just cant afford to take test at minute. I have since bought a car that i drive like every day (under oh supervision of course) and can drive now with out even thinking about it, its like second nature so definatley think im in with more of a chance this time.
    thats some more advice- buy a car and drive it as much as you can (you have to be accompanied by someone over 21 whos had a licence longer than 3 years) it gives you soo much more confidence and they do say practice makes perfect.
    good luck x
  • thanks toni, at the mo i'm only having an hour a wk, but i have just bought myself a little cheap run around but it needs the wheels balancing so as soon as that is done i can practise in that oh will teach me he even has hgv licence so should be ok, we will see lol !!!!
  • Hi Michelle good on you for learning, my sis is just starting to learn now her hubby has walked out he used to control her so this is a new beginning for her and i gave her my old car to get her started.
    i passed 1st time 2yrs ago i am 24 now its the best thing i ever did the advice i will give you is listen to everything your instructor tells you, get as much practice as possible, relax, practice your manouveres LOADS,and enjoy it it gives you so much freedom, Good Luckimage
  • i passed 2nd time the test is sooo bad lol and my mum did hers like 30 years ago and stil says its the scariest thing shes ever dun (just 2 help calm ur nerves LOL) just stay calm on ur lessons and if u make a dick of urself just carry on and dont let other drivers put u off. just think of how great itl be wen u can go wherever u want wenever u want without havin 2 ask 4 lifts lol
  • I passed first time lucky but I took my time in learning. I've been learning on and off for a few years but with big gaps. This time I had 6 weeks of 2 lessons a week (3 hrs a week in total) to pass my test! It's all about how confident you are. Definitely don't try and go for your test too early coz the test standard is so much higher than normal driving. I keep finding faults in my dad's driving now! Tehe!
  • thanks girls, just to keep you updated (other than talking about babies) i went on the main roads for the first time yesterday!!!! omg it was so scary, i just can't wait to have my independence cos when new baby comes i will have 3 kids at home with me so really need to do it now. xxx
  • i was learning last year whilst i was pregnant, i failed my 1st test and by then i was soooooooooo big and im only short so i couldnt fit behind the wheel!!!!! after a nightmare emergency c section i got back to driving again after 4months, but by then we had plans to move back to lancashire but because of my oh comitments i would be going on my own with lo for 8-10 weeks. i took my test again and i was so nervous cos there was so much riding on it. when he told me i passed i cryed and i was saying 'oh you dont know how much it means to me youve changed my life!!!!!!!!!' i really has made such a difference. good luck and stick at it.
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