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Does anybody know what to put in a hospital bag? I have heard people talking about them and i dont know what to put in them. I am due 10 weeks today but i just want to know in advance what you put in a hospital bag? Is it things for your baby, and what do hospitals supply when you have had your baby? Do i need to take bottles nappies etc. . ? Lots of love to everyone. . Sophia & Baby Theo x x x


  • heya hun i have packed mine as im 36 weeks now, there is a check list on here im sure of it as its the one i followed and seems like i have everything if you click on pregnancy and birth a set of options come up i think its a labour one. You should find it though hun as i monaged too n im thick as a plank at the moment. Hope this helps hun, siobhan and bump 36 weeks x x x
  • lol me again!!! i just thort i would give you kwik list of what ive packed
    Pack of nappies
    2 Packs of maternity pads (heard you need lots lol)
    2 nighties
    1 pajamas
    Wash bag (toothbrush, deodrant etc)
    1 bottle
    Dummies (if you are using them)
    Going home outfit (me and baby)
    3 Bbaygros
    Wipes and cottonwool
    5-7 pairs of pants
  • The BBC site has a good list of things you need. I have just come out of a stay in hopsital, n the things i needed that werent on the list were a pen and paper (great for filling menus and writing questions that you want to ask doc) you need loads of change for phone/vending machiens. I also found flushable wipes useful as if you know people are about to look down there you want to be sure its all rosey! lol. Also you need slippers that you dont mind throwing away (primark sell them for ??2.50 as they get a bit manky.) also you need your own (dark) towel. hope this helps xx
  • i was readin in some book i think i got from the hospital.. said you should take a baby bath.. what?! you dont even bath babies properly for at least a couple of days.. they bloody stupid or summit?!
  • Thanks for replies, i'll have a look at the list oh this site about hospital bags. I was just unsure about what to take with me. Thanks for help, Sophia x
  • there was a thread not long ago that covered this too;
  • Thanks beebee, hope you and baby are o.k x
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