when to tell?

hi all, just wandering when you are/ did tell people thay you are expecting!! im 10 weeks now and onlyn my boss knows at work, not sure when to tell people?
om just worried at jinxing it! it took us soooooo long to concive, i just want everything to be o.k>
thanx for any reply.
julies x x x x :\)


  • i told my family at 25 weeks and the inlaws at 26.so have only just been able to start telling friends ext, i think best time to tell is after 12 week scan.then you can show them pic of baby lol.


  • i told mine straight away couldent keep it to myself! im now 19 weeks and everything great!

  • I told everyone at 7 weeks. I had quite a physical stressful job at the time, so told my work. Once that was done I realised I had no choice but to tell family as one of the girls I work with lives just up the street from my mum and didn't want to risk anything slipping out. Lo is now 4 months old so dont worry about jinxing anything!!
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