does anybody know much about tax credits???

i think we will get it as we are on low income i work 18 hours and boyfriend is self empolyed working full time.
i have been on the website to see what we could get but ya have to do this form and cos the baby isent here yet it wont let me carry on with the quistions??
does any body know where i can get information on it or how i can find out what am entitled to??

thanks ruth xx


  • hi ruth, try phoning the inland revenue they might be able to give you a rough idea if you are entited and roughly how much. hope that helps, good luck.

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  • Hi there you will be better off putting in last weeks date as the date of birth it will give you a rough idea how much you will get. There is a chart in one of my magazines

    Annual income - new baby no others - new baby+1

    ??15000 - ??3,235 - ??5,000
    ??25,000 - ??1,095 - ??1,300
    ??35,000 - ??1,095 - ??1,095
    ??45,000 - ??1,095 - ??1,095
    ??55,000 - ??760 - ??760

    Hope this helps.

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