can anyone help me or give me some advise?

My partner earns ??23,500 a year. we have 3 children. his wage is bearly enough for us to survive as we have lots bills to pay we also live in a private rented house after being on the council list for 3 years with no joy. I have HAD to get a job or we would have no money to pay for nappies/baby milk/food etc..
I am working part time during the week as my eldest child is in school full time, my middle child is in school part time and my youngest is at home as he is only 8 months. At the moment i am relying on friends and family to look after my kids whilst i work but they are becoming more unreliable by the day and i am worried about loosing my job as a result.
I want to put my middle child and youngest child in child care whilst i am working BUT i dont know if i can get help with child care costs. I currentley am entitled to ??10 a week child tax credits (for 3 kids) but dont get it due to an over payment, i cant dispute the over payment because it is correct, we do owe them the money. I rang the tax credit office to find out if i put my kids in child care would i actually get any money towards my child care costs or would the money just go towards paying off my over payment. They were totally useless and told me that they cant tell me that until i actually put my kids in child care as they need to put the figures through the computer to calculate it.
I cant afford to put my kids in child care on the off chance they MIGHT give me some money as if they dont i will be stuck with a hefty bill that i will be unable to pay.
I cant afford not to work as we dont have enough money to live on, i cant afford to work and pay child care costs my self - i am only earning minimum wage. i cant rely on friends and family to help me as they are going to end up loosing me my job. I dont know what to do. we are not entitled to any benefits accept tax credits which we dont get because of the over payment.
Im sat here crying my eyes out because we dont have enough money and no one want to help me. i cant tell my kids sorry you cant have any food this week mummy and daddy cant afford it. what can i do. does anyone know if i can get help with child care costs elsewhere?
The ironic thing is i have a partner and we BOTH WORK. If i was a single mother with out a job i would be loads better off and would get lots of help. but i am not and i cant seem to get any help - we are literally struggling to buy the most basic things after all the bills have been paid.
Sorry for the huge post but i am really upset and dont know what to do.
Toni x


  • Sorry I can't really help but couldn't read and run. It sounds like you are trying to do the best by your kids so there MUST be some help for you somewhere. Maybe try speaking to Citizens advice bureau as they may know more about your entitlements!!!

    I hope you get something sorted! image
  • re childcare costs, have you heard of busybees vouchers? i get them at work and so does my oh, we barely have to pay for childcare as it is taken from the tax on our wages (i think). anyway check it out, most childcare schemes accept them: you would have to find out if your work would let you do this, or your partners work can. good luck xx
  • thanks for your replys. have looked on busy bees. not sure it will be enough as i have 2 kids needing child care but will ask my employer about it. i am working at a private day care nursery so my boss should know about it.
    Feeling soo depressed atm, my friend who was helping to look after my kids had just turned up at my house today and informed me she is going to get a full time job as her and her oh are having money difficulties and she can only help me out with child care until the end of the week.
    Since i dont have anyone to look after my kids from wednesday next week i might have to quit my job. I have only had it 2 weeks and am really enjoying it so am really upset about that. also dont know how we are going to survive as we dont have enough money as it is. feel like just crawling into a hole and not getting out for the next couple of years. Me and oh are trying so hard to support our family and it is all just going tits up.
    Thanks again for your responses
    Toni x
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