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Small bump anyone?

Hello girlies. . I'm a little worried as im 30 weeks pregnant today with my first baby and my bump is still really small. I can still fit in my normal pre pregnancy tops and people think i'm about 12 weeks. I am worried my baby will be tiny and i really am not good with small babies, i dont know how to handle them they are like dolls.
Is anyone else small? Im not majorly stressin over it but it doesn't even make me feel pregnant half the time. Just worried baby Theo will be really tiny.. . Sophia x x x


  • Hey sophia. ihad a really small bump too. Never bought any maternity wear, just bought some trousers a size up at about 26 weeks then just a pair in the next size to see me through the last couple of weeks. Fitted in all my baggier pre pregnancy tops til the end. I know what u mean about not feeling pregnant people who didn't know i was pregnant couldn't even tell unless i wore something snug. I'd have killed for one "when u due?" off a stranger. But in the big scheme of u having ur baby it's really not important as long as Theo (hope thats right) is healthy it doesn't matter even if he is a bit of a little un. My little boy was 5lb 14oz, which is small but healthy, I had to make sure he was fed regularly, even if it meant waking him, and we had to go buy more little chappy clothes but other than that it made no difference. Other than he was nice and light on ur arms for a while,he's now ten weeks old and nearly doubled his birth weighht and is a right fat lump to lug about. I wouldn't worry too much about handling a tiny baby, really all newborns are pretty small and fragile, but ur baby will just be ur baby and u wont know any different, and it'll come perfectly natural. Best of luck.
  • Thanks for reply, i should be glad i aint got a massive bump really! I am just not used to babies and am worried if he is small i wont be able to handle him right and my fiancees mom is driving me mad interferring and trying to tell me what to do and saying i HAVE to do this and that. My own mom just gives me advice and support but she drives me crazy! Ah your baby is so cute, whats his name? Yeah my baby will be called Theo. . will it really come naturally?! x
  • I hope handling babes comes naturally but im still not sure either. i know what you mean about being scared of really small babes. when you were scanned did they say he was small? you mite find that he is a good sized baby but he is lying close to your back so you dont have a much of a bump. there was a model who was photographed naked at 38 weeks and you cldnt tell she was preggars n she had a 7lb babe xx
  • Hey, yeah at my 20wk scan they said he was a good size but you cant see my bump!! Makes me feel not pregnant, know what i mean? I feel really paranoid around tiny babies they look so fragile and i cant hold them properly! x x x
  • i hope changin nappies comes naturally.. ive never changed a boys nappy ever.. girls i can cope with. im used to whats down there. but boys.. ive never had to look at one of those every day!
  • I know, i remember changing my friends baby boy and he peed all over my face. Ew it was gross. . im having a boy aswell!!!
  • Sorry Sophia I dont know what its like not to have a bump at 24 weeks I was measuring 36 weeks and now i really look like a weeble. It is nice to look pregnant but its is so difficult. I keep getting stuck places, i cant sit on the sofa as cant get out on my own, cant have a bath as once im in i feel like a cork in a bottle, and if i roll on to my back at nite I have to wake DH as cant move back on to my side on my own, and have really bad strech marks. Its good to hear that Theo was a good size at 20 weeks so hopefully he wont be that small. you mite find that in these last few weeks you start to look more pregnant. xx
  • i was measuring 23cm i think at my 29wk appointment last week, whatever that means. I hope i start to grow!! Ah you keep getting stuck? Sorry but that made me laugh image Whats a weeble?! It sounds funny!! x x
  • everyone seems to think its funny, ive started carrying my mobile around my neck as scared i will get stuck somewhere and not be able to get any help. A weeble (think ive spelt it right) is something from my childhood i think the saying was weebles wobble but they dont fall down. but basically they had a small head and massive stomach, and they sort of wobbled all the time, not a very nice image. my dh calls me his barrel git. I take it your m/w is happy with Theos growth? xx
  • awww thats mean. if someone called me that id probably hit them! my nan is like a weeble! haha
  • Im sorry but the way your describing the weebles is hilarious. Ill have to check them out!! Yeah she said theo is growing ok but she is bit crap so doesnt say much. When ru due? Im sure your not like a weeble!! x x x
  • your nan is like a weeble?! thats so cruel. lol x x
  • haha seriously. she tries standin up to get off the sofa and she gets out of breath. its wrong. i know i sound nasty but my grandads in a mental hospital after another breakdown and she said she dont want him out til hes 100% so hes been in ther since before xmas and i havnt been able to see him
  • I'm 34.5 weeks now and i know that i wont be going any more that 37.5 so in 3 weeks i will be a mummy which is really quite exciting and scary!! i've been really lucky with my health care team everyone is so supportive but have heard horror stories about some m/w! What year of uni are you in and where do you go? its hard work being pregnant and doing a uni course think its a good idea to take a yr off after Theo is born xx ps as much as i dont want to admit it i do look like a weeble, at least its coz of the babies feel sorry for Jaynies nan as she doesnt have same excuse xx:\)
  • well in that case. i reckon you are allowed to look like a weeble. but i think ur exagerating =] shes my dads step mum so no blood relation there either.. yay!
  • jaynie its good to hear she is no relation, i hate looking at my grandparents n thinking i mite end up looking like that (god im horrid lol) but as to the exaggeration i wish i was my sister keeps telling me i look like humpty dumpty, ive got these little arms and not so little legs (have water retention in them oh the joys i have to wear support stockings!!) poking out of a massive belly. i just hope it all shrinks back xx
  • awww my sister said i was gettin fat the other day and i cant even say something back like ye and ur ugly coz we look the same haha. i've only come from 2 of my 6 grandparents. my mum was adopted and my dad parents got remarried.
    as i can either be a crazy old woman that answers to bog brush.. or go to a mental hospital... ooo things are looking up!
  • least you've got a sense of humour thats gotta help :\)
  • ye. i just look at my family and laugh! my other nan really does answer to bog brush tho!
  • hey jaynie88 u ok sweetie? just had to pop out. So fed up today my head is all over the place. Hi doublebubble, i go to wolverhampton uni, i have been there just over a year now. Its so stressful though i tell u, i cant bloody cope with uni and baby theo aswell!! x x x is everyone ok?! x x
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