Are you a hot or cold weather person???

Just a totally random chat!!!!

Are you someone who loves summer for the heat or winter for the cold????

I really like both seasons - I do like hot sunshine but mainly if I can be lazy with it ie on holiday lying by the pool :lol: ! I love winter and being wrapped up in loads of layers or snuggled up in a warm house watching the cold outside - but not if I have to be wrapped up and go shopping (loads of layers for outside cos cold but as soon as I go in a shop sweating buckets cos too many layers - sure you catch my drift image )

Don't know what I would choose if could only have hot or cold but I do know that I hate mizzly/drizzly weather - would much rather it absolutely threw it down than just stay miserable all day!

So what about the rest of you????


  • I am much more an Autumn/Winter person - the perfect day for me is when it's cold and fresh outside and the ground is frosty and the sun shining.

    I don't cope very well with really hot weather, but I do still like it when it's warm.
  • I'm love it when its hot and your on holiday and can just jump in the pool, but its a pain for everyday life and you've gotta go to work. I love being all wrapped up in the winter, going home eating casseroles and stuff and just having lazy nights. I agree it is a pain when you go shopping though, some shops are just too warm then you go outside and its freezing. I hate it when it just rains all day, especially if I've just straightened my hair!!x
  • I love the summer months...mainly when abroad as brisitsh summers aren't really typical summers! It means I don't have to think uch about what I wear! I also like winter time when you can wrap up warm and snuggle up to hubby by the open fire. Also enjoy being a child and making snowmen! Dislike the raining and windy days tho! As it takes me ages to decide what to wear before I venture outside! xxx
  • I'm like you CC. I love the sun and just lying in it doing nothing (except maybe drinking a cocktail or two) but I also love the winter too. Especially those cold and frosty, bright and sunny, winter days!! xx
  • oh glad there are some mixed up people like me out there - so many people seem to be able to say 'I only love summer' or I only love winter but I love it all and the changes that happen with each season too! Although by February when it feels like it has been cold and dark FOREVER I am normally ready for spring to well spring!
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