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Boring username??

Hi all! I just joined the site and finding it a big help so far. (TTC) I picked my user name just because it's similar to the one I use on YYW forums so if anyone was on here that used to go on there they'd recognise me. But thinking it's a bit boring now. What do you think? Should I change it to something more creative or keep it so people might know who I am?? xx


  • hiya mrsjules i would keep it, its not boring and and cos there are loads of people on here from yyw then at least they will know you are you (if you know what i mean lol) anyway welcome to this mad crazy forum sending you buckets of babydust love leighxxx
  • Thank you, I need the baby dust!! (sending some back to you too! ) Just thought MrsJules looks sooo old. lol! Still haven't got used to being a Mrs. xx
  • i know the feeling i have been a mrs for 12 years and it still sounds weird lol xxx
  • Even worse is saying 'my husband'. Now that is weird! MrJules really likes it though and know what he means. First time he referred to me as his wife I was ever so proud. image xx
  • grown up shmown up!

    I know you two! :lol: he he he

    I will on saturdayyyyyyyy

    so MrsJules no your username is fabulous and unique! Old my bum!

  • hee hee! It is such an old lady name though. 1 and a bit more days to go Stephe!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exciting! xxx
  • i know exactly what you mean - almost married, got child 1, (h2b wants child 2 before he's 40....), mortgage (thats his tho image )............

    yes it whats our parents do, but we're slowly turning into them, or is that just me? :lol:

    I meant we never grow up!!

    oh, 1 day till I'm mrs Stephe!

    I'm getting married in th morning, ding dong the bells are gonna chime...........
  • yay your getting married!
  • Its the big day today!! Hope it is everything you want it to be and more.
  • have a great day stephe
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