Too many names?

Just wondered what people feel about long names ie more than one middle name? do you think its cruel if you give you little one lots of names or does it give them choice of names in the future?


  • well my hubby has 3 middle names, so does my sister. they are after people in the family. i dont see this as a problem, its not like people call them by their full names. xx
  • My boys have long names and people keep trying to make me feel guilty.. the whole they wont be able to spell their full name by the time they go to school (they are only 9 weeks!) and family keep saying they will get bullied. but surly children get bullied for anything and nothing, do you think that by giving them long names they will get bullied more?
  • Absolutely not doublebubble. take no notice of peoples thoughtless opinions!
  • my litle girl's middle name is Elizabeth-May. Its up to u. alot of the time the middle names arent used apart from to fill out forms etc. If u have several names that mean a lot to you then i dont see any harm in it i dont think u are being cruel
  • i think if the names are special to you it doesnt matter what people think, having said that what about people who name there kids after every member of there fav football/rugby etc team! now that is not cool and what kind of mothers would let there oh do that!
  • Stupid names or long names or whatever, its really nobody elses business is it? Doublebubble should not be made to feel bad; she can give her boys 10 names each if she wants as its her choice and they wont be any worse for the wear.
  • hi my friend has 4 kids all with double barrel first names a middle name and then a double barrel surname!I dont think it really matters!
  • Hiya - I cannot see why any child would get bullied for this - unless of course all the initials spelt something daft! Name them what you are comfortable with. They won't know difference and will choose what name(s) they go by when they are older.
  • My little boys full name is Jake David Thomas Richard Archie Wilkins, his middle names are after his great grandads who he will never meet. The only prob I have is when I have to fill out any forms for him that ask for his full name, cause it doesn't fit! They nameist!x
  • thanks you have all made me feel like i have done the right thing, all there middle names (they each have two middle names and a double barrelled surname) mean something to us, they are from people that meant something to us and that they will never meet..

    Suzai i have the same problem never enough space and people keep saying 'well just leave one of the names out' rude and cheeky sods xx
  • i have no middle names and always wanted at least one! I think its a personal choice, we have picked names already (not that i am pg yet) and they have middle names, i think its lovely, especially if they have a specific meaning, like the name of a relative.
  • my son has 2 middle names, as long as the initials dont spell a rude word i wouldnt worry bout it
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