I get fed up with these people that come to the door seeling u gas and electric they get on my nerves i had edf energy come to my door i thought id try them cos they said they were cheeper so i would pay ?? 50 a month then 5 mins later southern electric knocked on the door and said they were cheapest but my old supplier n power rang me and took ??80 off my bill so it would be ??66 a month so i have decided to just stay with them makes less hassle sorry to rant on but they all say they are cheaper but i have a question for you who actually is cheaper??????????:evil:


  • i just tell them to bugger off when they knock at my door - I have no patience with door to door salespeople -especially after this npower bloke told me lies and had a form filled out and under my nose before i knew what was going on. Lucky I never sign without reading stuff really and lucky I'm not that succeptable to bullying sales people because I'm sure that a lot of people have been misled by them. My dad is currently having a dispute with british gas on behalf of my nana because somehow someone who came to the door has managed to get her off the special scheme she's on where she pays the same all the time regardless of consuption and signed her up to something that isn't good for her...and she never signs anything without my dad there!!

    I did some comparisons when i wanted to reduce my bills, and cause i'm lazy i just switched gas to powergen, and put them on direct debit and I save 9% in total through that. Far as I can tell the best discounts are by going on directdebit and having both gas and electric with the same supplier.

    you could check out cause that is supposed to give good comparisons on bills..but scottish power came up best for me but I got annoyed with their website and trying to figure out if i could save any money so i just stuck with powergen and my 9% duel fuel and direct debit discount
  • i was with british gas and on average we paid ??75-??80 a month, but scottish power offered us a deal where we just pay ??45 a month, so ill be sticking with them!
  • I don't like it when they come to the door either. When I shared a house with five other girls one of them signed the house up to a new company without telling the rest of us because the man at the door 'seemed nice' !!! It ended up costing loads more than our old one. I think a price comparison site is the best bet. xx
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