A little help please xx

I dont know about any of you mums but i'm finding it really hard to buy everything especially seeing as im on income support and lets face it theres nothing left after bills etc.. I know i am going to get a sure start grant but it wont go far with everything i need for baby unless i buy cheap stuff which will fall apart and need replacing quicker. Anyway i have been freebie hunting online and came across a few sites to save a few quid.

Free Sample of Bepathen Nappy Rash Cream

Some Avent baby bottles

Some pampers nappies

If you know any more please post them up i would be really greatfull.



  • i tried the bepathan one and at the bottom where i had to put in the verification no it kept saying it was incorrect! anyway have you had emmas diary off your mw? you can apply for your bounty pack which you can pick up at boots or asda and i think at the mo if you go to asda you get a ??5 george voucher. bounty has loads of free stuff and vouchers. what about boots advantage card and parenting club, theyve got loads on at the mo. you can upgrade your card so there are 50 items you would get half price.
    charity shops and car boots are great, i wouldnt get everything from there but they can be good.
    also ive only just come accross a website called netmums. they have a sale notice board. i dont know what area you are from, but my area east lancs where is a lady selling a m/care travel system everything in she wants ??40! bargin ive got the same travel system and its brill really hardwaring we do lots of walking!
    money is tight in our house so any offers/bragins are always welcome.
    good luck
  • I have a simialr problem but not on benifits. I got lots of stuff for free and cheap.
    The only advice I would really hope that you take some serios time thinking over is to get a NEW car seat. Or if you do get a second had one you can 110% guarantee that it is less then 5yrs old, had never been in a car accident however minor, has well been looked after and has all relevent paper work to it. If you dont and something a bad happens (god forbid it should) I heard it can make your insurance void as well as the obvious dangers. They don't have to be meger expencive. Mine was less then ??100 and was paid over a payment plan.
    Hope this helps.
    X X X
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