So I'm 18 weeks preg, I have my 5th cold of my pregnancy and I'm hormonal, but why does that mean when someone annoys you, you cant respond without them mentioning your hormones??? My bro-in-law has recently been pissing me off alot, he's always moody and has negative things to say all the time. My OH had an errand to do today and originally asked his dad to help. This morning we had a call to say th bro-in-law was stepping in as the dad couldnt do it. He offered yet did nothing but complain and make snide remarks about the way we do things the entire time. I mean, if you offer help, you shouldnt do it grudgingly should you! I really lost it in the end and me and OH ended up rowing over it - OH sided with BIL and accused ME of being arsey for no reason!!!! I'm so fuming its unreal. This thing with the BIL has been brewing for last few times I've seen him; his attitude stinks and his little shit of a son always winds me up too. But Oh No, when I complain, its all me and my hormones AARRGGHH. WHat a bunch of arsewipes!! I take comfort in the knowledge that at least my MIL knows what a moaning, miserable barsteward he is and I feel he's like it out of pure jealously. He has nowt but relationship trouble with his loopy girlfriend and he looks like a slimmer version of Barry from Eastenders - I suppose I'd be peeved with the world too, lol.
Sorry. Rant over. Just needed to get that off my chest!!

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  • Hey, well nobody has replied to you image How mean.
    Well whenever im in a bad mood or just feel generally not in mood to talk people always say "its just her hormones" how frustrating, im pregnant not stupid!!!
    Men dont really get the whole pregnancy thing which is a sheme, but just try chilll out when they piss u off go out and forget them all!
    Im sure you will feel better when bubs is here, although i can gurantee people will still piss you off image Just rant all you want!!! x sophia x
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