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Hey just wondered if anyone else usually gives something up for lent? i'm not really religious just have always liked the challenge of giving something up for 40 days. I usually give up alcohol as i think i should give up something that i really enjoy but due to pregnancy i seem to have given up most of the things i love for last 8 months. only thing left is chocolate, dont know if i can give that up, its the one thing that keeps me sane. xx


  • Im such an idiot, god knows how i am doing an accountancy degree i didnt even know what lent is!! But now i know, i definetly wont be depriving myself of anything!!! My fiancee being away til June is enough of missing out on things. . Sophia x x x how can you ever give up chocolate, thats crazy!!! x x
  • This isn't going to shock anyone as I'm not religious, but I was going to give up swearing - does that count? but I just cant do it. I used to say the same thing every year and now I don't as I love it too much. I don't drink, I don't smoke, so really thats my only vice. I think I'll give up something I don't really like instead like crab.
  • Oh my god claire,ur so funny,im peeing myself laughing at you! when i started reading ur post,i would never have thought in a million years u were going 2 say u would give up crab! u say the most random things sometimes,and i find it so funny! thank-you for making me laugh............again!! Gayle xx
  • thanks love, I'm such a ganet normally, so it was hard trying to think of something, but you can't eat shellfish anyway so that was sort of a safe bet. Glad I tickled you xx re the random thing were you thinking about me and cat sex?
  • now the cat sex has got 2 be the funniest 1 yet!!! i read the messages out loud 2 my o/h and he was in stitches!!xx
  • oh dear, i sound mental dont I. yesterdy we got into a long one about worlds most prem baby - nightmare xxx
  • yep i read that 1 this morning! brilliant!! xx
  • Glad it didn't make you feel sick, I think sophia nearly passed out xxx
  • Just asked my husband what he was going to give up for lent (I said maybe being a bastard) and he said pancakes. He had 2 yesterday.
  • MEN!!!! lol xx
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