any advice re:cats

Im just wondering if anyone can help we've got a cat & her food & cat litter is kept in the downstairs toilet its fine in the summer cos she's outside most of the day so does what she needs todo outside but when winter comes she won't be out as much & about then grace will be crawling & im trying to think of away to keep grace away from the cats stuff i did think of a baby gate but i don't think clo(the cat) is going to beable to squeeze in between bars any suggestions?


  • Hi cloclo
    Do you have a utility room or some room thats not often used where you could maybe put the tray and bowls up on the work surface out of reach of Grace?
    If you have a cat flap maybe you could train your cat always to do her business outside then you'll only have the food bowls to worry about.
    We have 3 cats and their tray is in our conservatory where Ben won't be allowed once he's crawling - only cos its a ramshackle conservatory that leaks, is freezing and could fall down at any moment!!
    Poor cats!!
  • Hi we don't have another room did think of putting stuff in the shed but would have to convince cat to go out side & can't see that working!!
  • What about one of those litter boxes that has a roof over it? Not sure if they have a cat flap type door as well? May at least keep her from using it as a sand pit to play in! =) x
  • That might be an idea thank you just have this fear that grace is going to come crawling in with a "present"
  • Hi

    My cat just jumps over the baby gate
  • I was lucky they weren't interested when they were in their crawling phase. Unfortunately they did have a time when they thought it was a mini sand pit. Always keep antibacterial wipes and soap handy for those tragic moments. Otherwise the gate is a good idea especially if they are not very old or have physical problems. Catflaps require more work and a door (plus spare room) you're willing to sacrifice.
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