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Afternoon Ladies

I've just come back from the midwife and she has recorded that I have an extremely low blood pressure. I have been getting dizzy spells and feeling run down and have been sick and she questioned whether I should be at work or not!! Apparently there is nothing can be done for the moment but she has taken extra bloods to check kidney or liver (can't remember which one) function.

Although she seemed concerned about it she just sent me on my way. Anyone else suffering this at all and any advise on anything that can help? I'm 30 weeks now.

Sab x


  • I'm 32 + 4, my bp has been low since i got pregnant. I'm anaemic aswell, so i simpathise with the dizzyness and the sickness. I'm still working though even though the hospital wanted me to stop earlier. At the end of the day, you know what your limits are. I've found that standing for long periods of time make it worse, so try putting your feat up, and instead of having a cup of tea with your meals, have a glass of juice or squash. (The tannin in tea decreases the amount of vitamins your body absorb). Good luck.
  • Snap! I was diagnosed low bp yesterday, have been extremely dizzy and queasy, breathless and will be tested shortly for anaemia. I'm going to start Spatone natural iron supplement tomorrow and hopefully it may make a difference. I'm 22weeks+2.
  • i had low bp before i was pregnant, i am now 23+1weeks and bp just gets lower everytime i see the mw.am starting to get breathless aswell so should be tested for anaemia on monday.
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