are you happy with your midwife???

well, at the moment i'm basking in the glow that i know more about the blood tests available than my cmw! Apparently there's no such thing as a blood test to screen for spina-bifida according to her! Well i proved her wrong and i think i miffed her off. i mentioned to her AFP test, and she said what? so i said "you know, Alfa-Feto Protein, but it's too late for me to be tested now coz i'm over 20 weeks and it's supposed to be done between week 16-18 is'nt it?" I think she was suprised i'd done my research.
I could've belted her mind, coz i saw her at 16 weeks when i booked to have it done, and she told me i couldn't and that the hospital were wrong. Yet if i'd have chosen to have the screening for Downs, i would have had the AFP test at the same time!!!


  • i had my little girl 3weeks ago, but i had the same community midwife all the way thru my pregnancy except i saw 2other ones whilst my regular 1 was on holiday, she was really good n supported me all the way thru, although wen i went into labour i saw 6 diferent ones, 1wen i arrived who woz jus leavin the nite shift, then 1 on the early, then 2 came on the late n they were both mine really, then 2 on the nite shift that both delivered my little girl, then the 2 that were on the late the day b4 were on the early so that was nice, but every1 of them was brilliant really were, couldn't fault them at all x
  • When I was pr4egnant with my little boy I saw my appointed midwife once before she went on maternity leave. i never saw the same midwife twice and the ones I saw ranged from pleasant enough to down right dissinterested. half the timne I never got to ask teh things I wanted coz was made to feel like I was a nuisance. On the plus side I went to the labour ward twice before I had my son, once coz of pains and once for an ECV and both times the midwives there were lovely. one even cuddled me as I cried after my ECV failed and I was booked in for a c-section. The two midwives I had when I had my little boy (coz I was there over shift change) were absolutley brilliant and so nice to me coz I was so petrified. One even helped with our crossword while we were waiting for my c-section. I was 5 days on maternity ward with little boy and there were some lovely ones and downright bitches. One we called madam jaundice coz she was obsessed iwth my little boy having jaundice and no matter how many times the paediatrician said he was ok and no matter how many tests said he was fine she was convinced he permanantly looked yellow and kept ordering tests for him. Joked with hubby what she would be like with chinese baby
  • i went to see my midwife on friday because she had changed it from the week before because she couldnt do it then and guess what.. shes on holiday so it was someone else anyway. bloody woman.. anyway the other one was alright and she said my blood pressure and bump were perfect so was the babys heartbeat. find out what it is tomorrow =]
  • hi just wanted to say that we live really close have just seen your post on where do you live i live in hinckley other side of nuneaton if you know it? are you going to the george elliot?i am at the mo not sure if to go to the walsgrave but parking is crap!how far gone are you?im almost 14 weeks, x
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