Birthday Party-ideas?

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My daughter is two in august and I've invited the usual suspects; her godparents, family and friends, (mainly adults) but I'm worrying now about how shall I go about food and decorations?? I had some balloons last year but she'll be alot more aware this birthday, any ideas??:\?

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  • I just did the usual balloons, hats, face masks to be honest they all just had a blast at two their just happy to be playing with their friends
  • how about bunting, easy to make (with your daughters help) paper triangles stapled onto string and strung around house/garden. a few balloons, flowers.... food: peanut butter pinwheels: a slice of bread rolled thin, spread with peanut butter and roll up, cut into slices. get a round loaf of brad, cut off top and hollow out ( use bread as doughballs?) fill with small cocktail sausages and pop on the lid, quirky and fun! kids love to use dips too. messy but fun!!
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