i am 29 weeks and 5 days pregnant but recently split up with my baby father. i need help on what benefits etc i can claim for and how and when. so far i only know im entitled to the milk coupons, i dont know what else to do and when.:\?


  • job center is best place 2go hun,depending on if u work or not u could get income support. wen the babys born ud get tax credits.u could apply 4the sure start maternity grant ??500! u should get milk tokens 2.hop that helps a little gem xxxx
  • sorry 2 hear ur having 2 go solo bin there and its hard. u can now use the milk tokens 2 buy milk inc formula and fresh fruit and veg,u should recive a cheque for any that ur owed the sure start mat grant can b claimed from 29wks til baby is 3m old job cent should also sort out ur child tax credit and fast track it so u dont have 2 wait ages with no money. also if ex bf dont cough up, make arrangements 2 get his bits cut off! lol. hope it all goes ok. xx
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