recipies plz.

hey ladies, i'm in need of some quick and easy, healthy recipes for the whole family, any suggestions??
since going back to work i've slid into the lazy frozen foods option and need some new ideas, thanx.


  • Hi Mumo2,24 - you may want to thnk about investing in a low cooker - they are easy and simple to use - throw the ingredients in it does all the work!!!! Or try a steamer you can put everything in - meat in one bit and veg in another and switch it on and walk away until it's done! Or you could try one pot recipes - such as spag bol - in the mince put grated carrot and celery - great for fussy eaters!!! Veg lasange! All sorts! Soup is great too a veg soup you can sneak in lots of veg i them too hat kid wouldn't normally eat!!!! Are you looking for any recipe in particular as I have hundreds!!! lol!!! XXX
  • As the weather is starting to get colder I have started making hot meals for oh to come home to such as mince n tatties, lasagne, spal bol, soup, stew and mac cheese with things through it such as sausages all of which I find are easy to make.Ohhh I also make loads of something freeze so all I have to do is pull meals out the freezer and heat them up. If you want recipes just let me know.
  • lot's too think about thanx! a steamer is one my xmas list. will def. be making my own tomato sauce so i can sneek in some veg. for the kids and stick in the freezer. i really like home-made soup but have never actually made it myself e-mail me your fav's if you can, oooooww also recipes for other pasta sauces and any ideas for smoothies, sorry you guys are like my personal cook books;\)
  • Hi there,

    No probs at all! Ok first things first! At the end of the week whats left over - in our house it's many fruit and veg going a bit soft! So I do smoothies - just about anything will work:-

    Banana, Strawberries, Raspberries and milk or yogurt - or neither if you like it really really thick! (I used milk or yoghurt if it has banana or strawberry etc - if not and it's more citrusy then I use juice!)
    So Mango, Papya, Pinapple - and orange juice etc. - Just about anything that has a soft skin - I don't tend to use grapes or blueberries etc! Another thing is don't waste your money on a smoothie maker - they will take you forver to clean!!! I use a magic wand (ha ha no really) - I have a kenwood - but there are loads out there - get one that has a free jug and then you blend your food up with the wand! This also works for soups and you blend them straight in the pan! Kids will never know what food you've hidden in!

    For your own tomato sauce - use passata instead of tinned tomatoes (or blend the tinned tomatoes first!) this makes the sauce smoother and little ones will love it! I grated celery and carrot - neither of which I am fond of but I don't even notice they are in there! I am not a big lover of mushrooms - but if you put them in - put them in towards the end or if you freeze it - put them in when it's defrosted - reheating mushrooms in a sauce makes them go rubbery!

    Soups are very easy!!! I'll give you a basic veg soup - but by all means experiment - I also do a nice tomato, butternut squash or various other do if you have anything in mind then let me know! For your soup grab some veg root veg etc are the best - Onions, Brocolli, Caluflower (again something I don't like but you can't taste it when it's blended!), cabbage, carrots, butternut squash etc - and not neccessary but potato - it's a great thickner!!!!!! So fry off your onion in a bit of oil, then bung in all the veg (chopped of course). then boil the kettle get out those vegetable stock cubes from the back of your cupboard - you've been wondering what you're going to with them for a few months and then break it up in a jug of hot water - then put over the veg until JUST covering - otherwise your soup will be too runny! Then cook for a good 30 mins make sure all the veg is over done - very soft! Then get your magic wand or blender and blend it up!! Or if you prefer serve it rustic style - but little ones make not like it!

    Pasta sauces - just experiment with left over ham and onions etc - whatever you have in the fridge with some passata or tinned toms! If you have some left over pasta - pop it in the fridge when cool and have it with saladcream and peas, ham, sausage - whatever you've got lying around! Another good one is a bit of curry power in natural yoghurt with any left over chicken from a sunday roast - makes great lunches - serve with salad!!!

    Another thing I do when cupboards are running low is a tin of mixed veg (peas carrots etc), tin of mixed beans, tin of kidney beans then onion, peppers etc - and combine with passata - and have that as the main filling for lasgane! So a later of that and then a layer of white sauce - good nutrition and it's good for the end of the week if you've not got much in!

    I've waffled on a :lol: but if you have an other recipes or cooking know how give me a shout! Happy Cooking!


  • that's fantastic thanx. i've got a hand blender i'll have a go and let you know x.
    p.s have you been on the annabel karmel site coz they've got a forum those who love to cook!!
  • pasta sauce is a fab way to get veg into kids, i put carrot,celery,onion,corgettes,peppers amongst others in mine and its grate with chicken or fish, i also have it with sausages and mash, if my 10yr old knew how much veg he ate,lol.

    steamers are bloody great, put it all in and sit down with a cuppa!
  • Thanks Mumto2,24 I'll have a look when I've got a bit of free time! X
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