why wont my avatar load in??? :\? i wanna show off my baby and it wont let me :evil: why not :\? help me web ed please image xx


  • i havnt been able to load an avatar on since saturday last week it lets me load i tick yes it says changed then its blank, go back into profile and its not there!!! grrrr lol
  • i still cant add my avatar :\? please help web ed!!!!!!
  • Mine doesn't work either!
  • mine is still not working either,argh!!!
  • mine doesnt work either
  • and im getting stressed with it
  • Hi guys. I just loaded my son's picture lastnight, at first it didnt work, just like you all, I wonder why? then I read it over and I resize the picture to below 12kb, sudmit it, then rayhan's pic was there, yes ! so, check the size of your pictures. but if that doesnt work may be there is other problem.
  • thanks nurr i will tyr that but how do i resize my picture? lol im not very good with comps lol :lol:
  • mel, to resize a picture you can do it from image-resize on the tool bar which will show when you open your picture to view. very simple. good luck
  • its still drivin me nuts i cant do it arrggh
  • me neither!!! :evil: i am getting angry now its not doing my bp any good lol image
  • Me neither!! Trying to use one of my pics from 4d scan and i dont understand how to get the pic the correct size, sorry if i sound thick but how do you do this?????
  • dont ask me lol im a thicko lol nurr said it was easy i dont believe her lol xx:lol:
  • lol neither do i!! Cant even find the toolbar to downsize it!! Whats a toolbar!! lol
  • oh dear, you guys stil having problem with the avatar?! it was not diffuclt atcually, after I browse the pictuer, tick the box beside the question (SHOW MY AVATAR? )then click submit...the picture should be there if not that mean the size of your pic isnt right, so you have to resize it then do the same thing again (browse the pic, tick the box and click submit). Incase you guys hasnt got a clue how to resize a pic image its simple! open your picture (to view), on the top there is a tool bar (where its writen; file, edit, view, image etc.) click image then click resize then click ok. if you still have a problem with avatar I can help you out if we can be online (using hotmail msn messenger) at the same time, I can give you direction. My email address is [email protected]
  • YIPPEEEEEE :lol: I DIT IT THANKS NURR YOUR A STAR :lol: (and im a genious of course lol ;\) ) xxx
  • welldone mel, you finally did it !!!! but you know what ? I never heard a genious asked a star for help hehehehehe
  • nurr can u help me with ma avator through msn?xx
  • sure louise, just add me to your msn messanger. My address is [email protected] see you there
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