finding out babys sex at 6 weeks!!!

I was just wondering what people thought on being able to find out the sex of your baby at 6 weeks by buying a test off the internet for 180 pounds, i think then you give a blood sample and they can tell you if the y chromosone is there its a boy and if it isnt then its a girl. I personally dont agree with this as people might abort because the baby is the wrong sex etc, i just find these things a bit wrong.


  • what a waste of money, i'm so glad that i didn't find out the sex as all along me and my fiance thought it was a girl, it was such a lovely suprise when i gave birth to a boy. we are planning on having a big family(4or5) and i would definately not find out every time.
  • Hi pink fluff this my second and i asked to find out as curiosity got the better and of me and is a boy, but with my first (a girl) we asked but could not tell so i resigned to the fact it was going to be a surprise but a about 7-8 mnths she had a low heart rate so had to go for a scan and my husband bribed me with 100 pound and said if we found i could go and spend it all on blue or pink so i took the money and ran lol. But finding out didnt spoil the surprise i couldnt wait to see what they look like, but i wouldnt like to find out that early.
  • i know sumone who was pregnant and brought this sex kit from the net. Her pregnancy was unplanned, so her and her partner were considering abortion. Her partner said that if the baby is a boy, to abort, but if a girl hes 50/50 about it. My pal also didnt want a boy. Anyhow she decided that she was gona terminate regardless of the sex, and she never took the test.

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  • That is disgusting, and I think at 6 weeks its far too early. So many pregnancy end in miscarriage - I somehow feel when i mc if I'd of known what it was then I would of been more devastated.
    I do agree that it shouldn't matter, as we tried for a long time to have a baby and I would of been just as happy with a girl - i would be lying to say I didn't have a preference.
    I had a sexing scan at 16 weeks, mainly because my husband couldn't make the 12 week scan and it was so amazing - I just wanted another one, and the next was at 22 weeks which was far too long to wait, and for me, it made the pregnancy more real to find out the sex - and I'd do it again.
    I think finding out so soon into the pregnancy is a big mistake.
  • When she told me what her boyfriend told her regarding the sex, it did upset me especially because i have a little boy, i did have a preference like them aswell, but i think his views were extreme
  • i think there is no need to find out the sex that early, i knew at my 20 week scan i was having a boy and i would be lying if i said i didnt have a preference because i did and i wanted another girl, as soon as i knew i was having a boy it was like i knew him already and i wouldnt change him for anything. A baby is a blessing whatever sex it is.
  • what a waste of money,as long as the baby is healthy thats all that matters i had a misscarage and my 2day old nephew passed away a yr ago so that taught me who cares what sex it is aslong as its healthy thats all that matters,i refuse to even pay ??60 (the cost to find out at 20wk sgan here) to find out its silly
  • ,i refuse to even pay ??60 (the cost to find out at 20wk sgan here) to find out its silly

    Most people don't have their 20 weeks scan to find out the sex of the baby. I had mine to detect any anomolies - finding out the sex was a bonus.

    I don't agree with the 6 week test, i feel it will cause a rise in abortion rates as people trying for one sex will abort another.
  • ye i dont have a 20 week sgan to find out the sex of my baby ether!im just sayin people do,im not finding out at all this time and am looking forward to the suprise when i give birth,i know to well it dont matter what sex u have as long as its healthy, i lost my 2day old nephew last yr and had a misscarage in 03,so i dont care as long as my baby is healthy thats all that matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • In the end of the day its each to their own i suppose. Its disgraceful if they do it to determine whether or not to abort the baby, i find that sicknening! Plus if you want to find out the sex i cant see why people cant wait for their 20 week scan. Its a hell of alot of money just to find out the sex, and god for bid if you then miscarried that would make things even more tragic, if you knew what you was having it just makes things more real and that baby more of a person.
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